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23 #ifdef __cplusplus
24 extern "C" {
25 #endif
27 /* prototypes */
28 struct bookmarks;
29 struct bookmarks *bookmarks_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs, struct transformation *trans);
30 void bookmarks_destroy(struct bookmarks *this_);
31 void bookmarks_add_callback(struct bookmarks *this_, struct callback *cb);
33 int bookmarks_add_bookmark(struct bookmarks *this_, struct pcoord *c, const char *description);
34 int bookmarks_cut_bookmark(struct bookmarks *this_, const char *label);
35 int bookmarks_copy_bookmark(struct bookmarks *this_, const char *label);
36 int bookmarks_paste_bookmark(struct bookmarks *this_);
37 int bookmarks_rename_bookmark(struct bookmarks *this_, const char *oldName, const char* newName);
38 int bookmarks_delete_bookmark(struct bookmarks *this_, const char *label);
40 struct map* bookmarks_get_map(struct bookmarks *this_);
43 void bookmarks_move_root(struct bookmarks *this_);
44 void bookmarks_move_up(struct bookmarks *this_);
45 int bookmarks_move_down(struct bookmarks *this_,const char* name);
47 struct item* bookmarks_get_item(struct bookmarks* this_);
48 int bookmarks_get_bookmark_count(struct bookmarks* this_);
49 void bookmarks_item_rewind(struct bookmarks* this_);
50 const char* bookmarks_item_cwd(struct bookmarks* this_);
52 char* bookmarks_get_user_data_directory(gboolean create);
53 char* bookmarks_get_destination_file(gboolean create);
54 void bookmarks_set_center_from_file(struct bookmarks *this_, char *file);
55 char* bookmarks_get_center_file(gboolean create);
56 void bookmarks_write_center_to_file(struct bookmarks *this_, char *file);
57 void bookmarks_append_destinations(struct map *former_destination_map, char *file, struct pcoord *c, int count, enum item_type type, const char *description, int limit);
58 /* end of prototypes */
60 #ifdef __cplusplus
61 }
62 #endif
64  #endif /* NAVIT_BOOKMARKS_H */
const char * bookmarks_item_cwd(struct bookmarks *this_)
Definition: bookmarks.c:145
struct item * bookmarks_get_item(struct bookmarks *this_)
Definition: bookmarks.c:118
Definition: gpx2navit_txt.h:51
static char * description(struct search_param *search, GtkTreeIter *iter)
Definition: destination.c:70
int bookmarks_cut_bookmark(struct bookmarks *this_, const char *label)
Definition: bookmarks.c:504
char * bookmarks_get_user_data_directory(gboolean create)
Definition: item.h:99
void bookmarks_item_rewind(struct bookmarks *this_)
Definition: bookmarks.c:113
void bookmarks_write_center_to_file(struct bookmarks *this_, char *file)
Definition: bookmarks.c:428
struct bookmarks * bookmarks_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs, struct transformation *trans)
Definition: bookmarks.c:238
void bookmarks_add_callback(struct bookmarks *this_, struct callback *cb)
Definition: bookmarks.c:293
void bookmarks_destroy(struct bookmarks *this_)
Definition: bookmarks.c:271
Definition: item.h:29
int bookmarks_copy_bookmark(struct bookmarks *this_, const char *label)
Definition: bookmarks.c:511
void bookmarks_append_destinations(struct map *former_destination_map, char *file, struct pcoord *c, int count, enum item_type type, const char *description, int limit)
Definition: bookmarks.c:750
struct attr ** attrs
Definition: bookmarks.c:67
int bookmarks_delete_bookmark(struct bookmarks *this_, const char *label)
Definition: bookmarks.c:565
Definition: bookmarks.c:53
struct map * bookmarks_get_map(struct bookmarks *this_)
Definition: bookmarks.c:286
void bookmarks_move_up(struct bookmarks *this_)
Definition: bookmarks.c:88
Definition: projection.h:23
enum projection bookmarks_get_projection(struct bookmarks *this_)
Definition: bookmarks.c:290
Definition: attr.h:156
char * bookmarks_get_destination_file(gboolean create)
Definition: bookmarks.c:389
int bookmarks_rename_bookmark(struct bookmarks *this_, const char *oldName, const char *newName)
Definition: bookmarks.c:594
int bookmarks_get_bookmark_count(struct bookmarks *this_)
Definition: bookmarks.c:132
static unsigned char limit[]
Definition: street.c:364
Definition: callback.c:26
void bookmarks_set_center_from_file(struct bookmarks *this_, char *file)
Definition: bookmarks.c:406
void bookmarks_move_root(struct bookmarks *this_)
Definition: bookmarks.c:82
Holds information about a map.
Definition: map.c:60
int bookmarks_move_down(struct bookmarks *this_, const char *name)
Definition: bookmarks.c:95
struct label_data_offset label
Definition: garmin_img.c:377
char type[3]
Definition: garmin_img.c:123
struct transformation * trans
Definition: bookmarks.c:66
char name[0]
Definition: street.c:496
Definition: coord.h:40
int bookmarks_add_bookmark(struct bookmarks *this_, struct pcoord *c, const char *description)
Definition: bookmarks.c:473
int bookmarks_paste_bookmark(struct bookmarks *this_)
Definition: bookmarks.c:533
char * bookmarks_get_center_file(gboolean create)
Definition: bookmarks.c:402
The parameters needed to transform a map for display.
Definition: transform.c:64
Definition: file.h:36