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1 struct cache_entry;
2 struct cache;
3 /* prototypes */
4 struct cache *cache_new(int id_size, int size);
5 void cache_resize(struct cache *cache, int size);
6 void *cache_entry_new(struct cache *cache, void *id, int size);
7 void cache_entry_destroy(struct cache *cache, void *data);
8 void *cache_lookup(struct cache *cache, void *id);
9 void cache_insert(struct cache *cache, void *data);
10 void *cache_insert_new(struct cache *cache, void *id, int size);
11 void cache_flush(struct cache *cache, void *id);
12 void cache_dump(struct cache *cache);
13 void cache_flush_data(struct cache *cache, void *data);
14 /* end of prototypes */
Definition: cache.c:23
void * cache_insert_new(struct cache *cache, void *id, int size)
Definition: cache.c:329
int size
Definition: garmin_img.c:124
int id_size
Definition: cache.c:25
Definition: cache.c:9
void * cache_lookup(struct cache *cache, void *id)
Definition: cache.c:255
void cache_dump(struct cache *cache)
Definition: cache.c:343
void cache_flush_data(struct cache *cache, void *data)
Definition: cache.c:246
void cache_resize(struct cache *cache, int size)
Definition: cache.c:103
char data
Definition: garmin_img.c:330
struct cache * cache_new(int id_size, int size)
Definition: cache.c:82
void cache_flush(struct cache *cache, void *id)
Definition: cache.c:238
void * cache_entry_new(struct cache *cache, void *id, int size)
Definition: cache.c:172
void cache_insert(struct cache *cache, void *data)
Definition: cache.c:307
void cache_entry_destroy(struct cache *cache, void *data)
Definition: cache.c:183