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1 #ifdef __cplusplus
2 extern "C" {
3 #endif
5 char *linguistics_expand_special(const char *str, int mode);
6 char *linguistics_next_word(char *str);
7 void linguistics_init(void);
8 void linguistics_free(void);
9 char *linguistics_casefold(const char *in);
10 int linguistics_search(const char *str);
15 };
16 int linguistics_compare(const char *s1, const char *s2, enum linguistics_cmp_mode mode);
17 #ifdef __cplusplus
18 }
19 #endif
static double s1
Definition: geod_for.c:27
char * linguistics_expand_special(const char *str, int mode)
Replace special characters in string (e.g. umlauts) with plain letters. This is useful e...
Definition: linguistics.c:385
Definition: linguistics.h:12
Definition: linguistics.h:14
void linguistics_free(void)
Definition: linguistics.c:498
int mode
Definition: graphics_win32.c:59
char * linguistics_casefold(const char *in)
Definition: linguistics.c:288
void linguistics_init(void)
Definition: linguistics.c:476
Definition: linguistics.h:11
int linguistics_search(const char *str)
Definition: linguistics.c:449
int linguistics_compare(const char *s1, const char *s2, enum linguistics_cmp_mode mode)
Compare two strings, trying to replace special characters (e.g. umlauts) in first string with plain l...
Definition: linguistics.c:342
Definition: linguistics.h:13
char * linguistics_next_word(char *str)
Definition: linguistics.c:442