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20 #ifndef NAVIT_MAPSET_H
21 #define NAVIT_MAPSET_H
23 #ifdef __cplusplus
24 extern "C" {
25 #endif
27 /* prototypes */
28 enum attr_type;
29 struct attr;
30 struct attr_iter;
31 struct item;
32 struct map;
33 struct mapset;
34 struct mapset_handle;
35 struct mapset_search;
36 struct mapset *mapset_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs);
37 struct mapset *mapset_dup(struct mapset *ms);
38 struct attr_iter *mapset_attr_iter_new(void);
40 int mapset_add_attr(struct mapset *ms, struct attr *attr);
41 int mapset_remove_attr(struct mapset *ms, struct attr *attr);
42 int mapset_get_attr(struct mapset *ms, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr, struct attr_iter *iter);
43 void mapset_destroy(struct mapset *ms);
44 struct map *mapset_get_map_by_name(struct mapset *ms, const char*map_name);
45 struct mapset_handle *mapset_open(struct mapset *ms);
46 struct map *mapset_next(struct mapset_handle *msh, int active);
47 void mapset_close(struct mapset_handle *msh);
48 struct mapset_search *mapset_search_new(struct mapset *ms, struct item *item, struct attr *search_attr, int partial);
49 struct item *mapset_search_get_item(struct mapset_search *this_);
50 void mapset_search_destroy(struct mapset_search *this_);
51 struct mapset * mapset_ref(struct mapset* m);
52 void mapset_unref(struct mapset *m);
53 /* end of prototypes */
54 #ifdef __cplusplus
55 }
56 #endif
57 #endif
Definition: attr.h:34
struct attr active
Definition: speech.c:77
Definition: gpx2navit_txt.h:51
struct mapset_handle * mapset_open(struct mapset *ms)
Returns a new handle for a mapset.
Definition: mapset.c:169
Definition: item.h:99
A mapset.
Definition: mapset.c:44
struct attr_iter * mapset_attr_iter_new(void)
Definition: mapset.c:77
struct map * mapset_get_map_by_name(struct mapset *ms, const char *map_name)
Gets a map from the mapset by name.
Definition: mapset.c:227
int mapset_add_attr(struct mapset *ms, struct attr *attr)
Adds a map to a mapset.
Definition: mapset.c:91
void mapset_attr_iter_destroy(struct attr_iter *iter)
Definition: mapset.c:81
struct mapset * mapset_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs)
Creates a new, empty mapset.
Definition: mapset.c:58
Handle for a mapset in use.
Definition: mapset.c:155
struct mapset_search * mapset_search_new(struct mapset *ms, struct item *item, struct attr *search_attr, int partial)
Starts a search on a mapset.
Definition: mapset.c:292
struct map * mapset_next(struct mapset_handle *msh, int active)
Gets the next map from a mapset handle.
Definition: mapset.c:189
Definition: config_.c:47
struct mapset * mapset_ref(struct mapset *m)
Definition: attr.h:156
Holds information about a search in a mapset.
Definition: mapset.c:263
void mapset_destroy(struct mapset *ms)
Destroys a mapset.
Definition: mapset.c:143
struct item * mapset_search_get_item(struct mapset_search *this_)
Returns the next found item from a mapset search.
Definition: mapset.c:318
struct map_search * ms
Definition: mapset.c:265
Holds information about a map.
Definition: map.c:60
void mapset_unref(struct mapset *m)
void mapset_search_destroy(struct mapset_search *this_)
Destroys a mapset search.
Definition: mapset.c:371
char type[3]
Definition: garmin_img.c:123
struct mapset * mapset_dup(struct mapset *ms)
Definition: mapset.c:69
void mapset_close(struct mapset_handle *msh)
Closes a mapset handle after it is no longer used.
Definition: mapset.c:252
int mapset_get_attr(struct mapset *ms, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr, struct attr_iter *iter)
Definition: mapset.c:113
void * iter
Definition: config_.c:48
int mapset_remove_attr(struct mapset *ms, struct attr *attr)
Definition: mapset.c:102
int partial
Definition: mapset.c:268
struct attr * search_attr
Definition: mapset.c:267