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Translator Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int translator_name
int transpose_offset
int transpose_max
int transpose_min
char phon_out [300]
char phonemes_repeat [20]
int phonemes_repeat_count
unsigned char stress_amps [8]
unsigned char stress_amps_r [8]
short stress_lengths [8]
int dict_condition
const unsigned short * charset_a0
const wchar_t * char_plus_apostrophe
const wchar_t * punct_within_word
unsigned char letter_bits [256]
int letter_bits_offset
const wchar_t * letter_groups [8]
unsigned char punct_to_tone [INTONATION_TYPES][PUNCT_INTONATIONS]
char * data_dictrules
char * data_dictlist
char * dict_hashtab [N_HASH_DICT]
char * letterGroups [N_LETTER_GROUPS]
char * groups1 [256]
char * groups2 [N_RULE_GROUP2]
unsigned int groups2_name [N_RULE_GROUP2]
int n_groups2
unsigned char groups2_count [256]
unsigned char groups2_start [256]
int expect_verb
int expect_past
int expect_verb_s
int expect_noun
int prev_last_stress
char * clause_end
int word_vowel_count
int word_stressed_count
int clause_upper_count
int clause_lower_count
int prepause_timeout
int end_stressed_vowel
int prev_dict_flags

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