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_ProtobufCEnumDescriptor Struct Reference

#include <protobuf-c.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t magic
const char * name
const char * short_name
const char * c_name
const char * package_name
unsigned n_values
const ProtobufCEnumValuevalues
unsigned n_value_names
const ProtobufCEnumValueIndexvalues_by_name
unsigned n_value_ranges
const ProtobufCIntRangevalue_ranges
void * reserved1
void * reserved2
void * reserved3
void * reserved4

Field Documentation

◆ c_name

const char* _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::c_name

◆ magic

uint32_t _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::magic

◆ n_value_names

unsigned _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::n_value_names

◆ n_value_ranges

unsigned _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::n_value_ranges

◆ n_values

unsigned _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::n_values

◆ name

const char* _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::name

◆ package_name

const char* _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::package_name

◆ reserved1

void* _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::reserved1

◆ reserved2

void* _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::reserved2

◆ reserved3

void* _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::reserved3

◆ reserved4

void* _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::reserved4

◆ short_name

const char* _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::short_name

◆ value_ranges

const ProtobufCIntRange* _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::value_ranges

◆ values

◆ values_by_name

const ProtobufCEnumValueIndex* _ProtobufCEnumDescriptor::values_by_name

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