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klatt_global_t Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

flag synthesis_model
flag outsl
long samrate
long FLPhz
long BLPhz
flag glsource
int f0_flutter
long nspfr
long nper
long ns
long T0
long nopen
long nmod
long nrand
double pulse_shape_a
double pulse_shape_b
double minus_pi_t
double two_pi_t
double onemd
double decay
double amp_bypas
double amp_voice
double par_amp_voice
double amp_aspir
double amp_frica
double amp_breth
double amp_gain0
int num_samples
double sample_factor
short * natural_samples
long original_f0
int fadeout
int scale_wav
resonator_t rsn [N_RSN]
resonator_t rsn_next [N_RSN]

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