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1 #include "coord.h"
3 #define GPS_TYPE_NONE 0
4 #define GPS_TYPE_INT 1
5 #define GPS_TYPE_BT 2
7 struct vehicle_priv {
8  char *address;
9  char *source;
10  char *spp_address;
11  char *buffer;
12  char *nmea_data_buf;
13  char *nmea_data;
14  char fixiso8601[128];
15  double track, speed, altitude, radius;
16  double hdop;
17  int gps_type;
20  int buffer_pos;
21  int delta;
22  int sats_used;
23  int sats_visible;
25  int status;
26  int valid;
27  time_t fix_time;
28  struct attr ** attrs;
29  struct callback *event_cb;
31  struct callback_list *cbl;
32  struct coord_geo geo;
34 };
36 extern void vehicle_webos_close(struct vehicle_priv *priv);
char * spp_address
Definition: vehicle_webos.h:10
char * nmea_data
Definition: vehicle_file.c:97
void vehicle_webos_close(struct vehicle_priv *priv)
Definition: vehicle_webos.c:140
int pdk_version
Definition: vehicle_webos.h:18
struct callback * event_cb
Definition: vehicle_webos.h:29
double speed
Definition: vehicle_android.c:46
double track
Definition: vehicle_gpsd_dbus.c:53
char * buffer
Definition: vehicle_file.c:95
Definition: vehicle_android.c:43
struct coord_geo geo
Definition: vehicle_android.c:45
int buffer_pos
Definition: vehicle_file.c:96
int gps_type
Definition: vehicle_webos.h:17
time_t fix_time
Definition: vehicle_android.c:51
int status
Definition: vehicle_file.c:110
int spp_instance_id
Definition: vehicle_webos.h:19
int valid
Definition: vehicle_android.c:55
double radius
Definition: vehicle_android.c:49
double altitude
Definition: vehicle_gpsd_dbus.c:53
int magnetic_direction
Definition: vehicle_file.c:129
char fixiso8601[128]
Definition: vehicle_android.c:52
Definition: callback.c:36
Definition: attr.h:156
Definition: event_glib.c:82
Definition: callback.c:26
char * source
Definition: vehicle_file.c:91
char * address
Definition: vehicle_gpsd_dbus.c:49
int delta
Definition: vehicle_webos.h:21
char * nmea_data_buf
Definition: vehicle_file.c:98
struct event_timeout * ev_timeout
Definition: vehicle_webos.h:33
struct callback * timeout_cb
Definition: vehicle_webos.h:30
A WGS84 coordinate.
Definition: coord.h:85
struct attr ** attrs
Definition: vehicle_android.c:56
int sats_used
Definition: vehicle_android.c:54
struct callback_list * cbl
Definition: vehicle_android.c:44
int sats_visible
Definition: vehicle_file.c:112
double hdop
Definition: vehicle_file.c:104