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20 #include <stdio.h>
21 #include <glib.h>
23 #include "attr.h"
24 #include "coord.h"
25 #include "quadtree.h"
28 struct map_priv {
29  int id;
31  int flags;
32  GHashTable*qitem_hash;
33  char* filename;
34  /*need to write map file on exit*/
35  int dirty;
36  int attr_cnt;
40  /*list of quadtree items that have no coord set yet ()*/
42  char *charset;
43 };
45 struct map_rect_priv {
46  struct map_selection *sel;
49  struct coord c;
50  int bStarted;
51  struct item item;
52  struct map_priv *m;
54 };
Definition: attr.h:34
int next_item_idx
Definition: csv.h:38
struct coord c
Definition: csv.h:49
struct map_priv * m
Definition: binfile.c:144
GList * new_items
Definition: csv.h:41
Definition: item.h:99
Definition: quadtree.h:27
int bStarted
Definition: csv.h:50
int id
Definition: binfile.c:106
Definition: item.h:29
int flags
Definition: binfile.c:125
struct map_selection * sel
Definition: binfile.c:143
int dirty
Definition: csv.h:35
struct quadtree_item * qitem
Definition: csv.h:48
Represents the map from a single binfile.
Definition: binfile.c:105
Implementation-specific map rect data.
Definition: binfile.c:137
char * filename
Filename of the binfile.
Definition: binfile.c:107
enum item_type item_type
Definition: csv.h:39
GList * at_iter
Definition: csv.h:53
Used to select data from a map.
Definition: map.h:57
struct quadtree_node * tree_root
Definition: csv.h:30
struct quadtree_iter * qiter
Definition: csv.h:47
Definition: quadtree.c:36
int attr_cnt
Definition: csv.h:36
GHashTable * qitem_hash
Definition: csv.h:32
enum attr_type * attr_types
Definition: csv.h:37
char * charset
Definition: csv.h:42
Definition: coord.h:34
Definition: quadtree.h:35