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Public Attributes

map_rect_priv Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int * start
int * end
enum attr_type attr_last
int label
int * label_attr [5]
struct map_selectionsel
struct map_privm
struct item item
int tile_depth
struct tile tiles [8]
struct tilet
int country_id
char * url
struct attr attrs [8]
int status
struct quadtree_iterqiter
struct quadtree_itemqitem
struct coord c
int bStarted
struct map_rectparent
struct item itemparent_item
int id
struct coord_rect r
char * label
int limit
struct map_privmpriv
struct gmap * gmap
struct gobject * cobj
struct gobject * objs
unsigned int last_coord
void * last_itterated
struct coord last_c
void * last_oattr
unsigned int last_attr
struct gar_search * search
struct file tre
struct tree_headertre_hdr
struct file rgn
struct region_headerrgn_hdr
struct file lbl
struct label_headerlbl_hdr
int subdiv_level_count
int subdiv_pos
char * subdiv
int rgn_offset
int rgn_end
struct rgn_pointpnt
struct rgn_polyply
unsigned char * ply_data
int ply_bitpos
int ply_bitcount
int ply_lngbits
int ply_latbits
int ply_lng
int ply_lat
int ply_lnglimit
int ply_latlimit
int ply_lngsign
int ply_latsign
struct offset_len rgn_items [4]
int rgn_type
int count
FILE * f
long pos
char line [256]
int attr_pos
char attrs [256]
char attr [256]
double lat
double lng
char lat_c
char lng_c
int eoc
struct map_selectionxsel
struct map_selectioncur_sel
enum file_index current_file
struct filefile
struct block_priv b
struct town_priv town
struct poly_priv poly
struct street_priv street
struct tree_search ts
int search_country
struct item search_item
struct attrsearch_attr
char * search_str
int search_partial
int search_linear
unsigned char * search_p
int search_blk_count
enum attr_type search_type search_type_next
struct map_rect_privsearch_mr_tmp
struct itemsearch_item_tmp
struct block_offsetsearch_blk_off
int search_block
GHashTable * block_hash [file_end]
struct item_priv item3
int idx
int cidx
int cidx_rewind
int part
int part_rewind
int aidx
enum attr_type anext
char * str
char * line
struct attrattr
char attr_name [TEXTFILE_LINE_SIZE]
int more
char * args
int lastlen
struct navigationnav
struct navigation_commandcmd
struct navigation_commandcmd_next
struct navigation_itmitm
struct navigation_itmitm_next
struct navigation_itmcmd_itm
struct navigation_itmcmd_itm_next
enum attr_type attr_next
int ccount
int debug_idx
struct navigation_wayways
int show_all
struct map_rectroute_map_rect
struct itemroute_item
struct street_datasd
struct coord c0
struct coord c_base
int checked
int idx_base
int idx_next
int first
int last
int route_item_done
struct coord c_out
struct coord c_next
struct coord c_next_base
struct coord lseg [2]
struct coord lseg_base [2]
int lseg_done
int lseg_done_base
struct route_info_handle * ri
int pos
struct route_pathpath
struct route_path_segmentseg
struct route_path_segmentseg_next
struct route_graph_pointpoint
struct route_graph_segmentrseg
int hash_bucket
struct coordcoord_sel
struct route_graph_point_iterator it
struct trackingtracking
struct tracking_linecurr
struct tracking_linenext
int coord

Member Data Documentation

Set this to a coordinate if you want to filter for just a single route graph point

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