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28 #ifndef NAVIT_MAP_H
29 #define NAVIT_MAP_H
31 #ifdef __cplusplus
32 extern "C" {
33 #endif
35 struct map_priv;
36 struct attr;
37 #include "coord.h"
38 #include "point.h"
39 #include "layer.h"
40 #include "debug.h"
42 #define WORLD_BOUNDINGBOX_MIN_X -20000000
43 #define WORLD_BOUNDINGBOX_MAX_X 20000000
44 #define WORLD_BOUNDINGBOX_MIN_Y -20000000
45 #define WORLD_BOUNDINGBOX_MAX_Y 20000000
57 struct map_selection {
58  struct map_selection *next;
59  union {
60  struct coord_rect c_rect;
61  struct point_rect p_rect;
62  } u;
63  int order;
64  struct item_range range;
65 };
79 struct map_methods {
80  enum projection pro;
81  char *charset;
82  void (*map_destroy)(struct map_priv *priv);
83  struct map_rect_priv * (*map_rect_new)(struct map_priv *map, struct map_selection *sel);
84  void (*map_rect_destroy)(struct map_rect_priv *mr);
85  struct item * (*map_rect_get_item)(struct map_rect_priv *mr);
86  struct item * (*map_rect_get_item_byid)(struct map_rect_priv *mr, int id_hi, int id_lo);
87  struct map_search_priv *(*map_search_new)(struct map_priv *map, struct item *item, struct attr *search, int partial);
89  struct item * (*map_search_get_item)(struct map_search_priv *ms);
90  struct item * (*map_rect_create_item)(struct map_rect_priv *mr, enum item_type type);
91  int (*map_get_attr)(struct map_priv *priv, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr);
92  int (*map_set_attr)(struct map_priv *priv, struct attr *attr);
94 };
108 static inline int
110 {
111  struct map_selection *curr=sel;
112  while (curr) {
113  struct coord_rect *r=&curr->u.c_rect;
114  if (c->x >= r->lu.x && c->x <= r->rl.x &&
115  c->y <= r->lu.y && c->y >= r->rl.y)
116  return 1;
117  curr=curr->next;
118  }
119  return sel ? 0:1;
120 }
132 static inline int
133 map_selection_contains_polyline(struct map_selection *sel, struct coord *c, int count)
134 {
135  int i,x_mi,x_ma,y_mi,y_ma;
136  struct map_selection *curr;
138  if (! sel)
139  return 1;
140  for (i = 0 ; i < count-1 ; i++) {
141  x_mi=c[i].x;
142  if (c[i+1].x < x_mi)
143  x_mi=c[i+1].x;
144  x_ma=c[i].x;
145  if (c[i+1].x > x_ma)
146  x_ma=c[i+1].x;
147  y_mi=c[i].y;
148  if (c[i+1].y < y_mi)
149  y_mi=c[i+1].y;
150  y_ma=c[i].y;
151  if (c[i+1].y > y_ma)
152  y_ma=c[i+1].y;
153  curr=sel;
154  while (curr) {
155  struct coord_rect *sr=&curr->u.c_rect;
156  if (x_mi <= sr->rl.x && x_ma >= sr->lu.x &&
157  y_ma >= sr->rl.y && y_mi <= sr->lu.y)
158  return 1;
159  curr=curr->next;
160  }
161  }
162  return 0;
163 }
174 static inline int
176 {
177  struct map_selection *curr;
179  dbg_assert(r->lu.x <= r->rl.x);
180  dbg_assert(r->lu.y >= r->rl.y);
182  if (! sel)
183  return 1;
184  curr=sel;
185  while (curr) {
186  struct coord_rect *sr=&curr->u.c_rect;
187  dbg_assert(sr->lu.x <= sr->rl.x);
188  dbg_assert(sr->lu.y >= sr->rl.y);
189  if (r->lu.x <= sr->rl.x && r->rl.x >= sr->lu.x &&
190  r->lu.y >= sr->rl.y && r->rl.y <= sr->lu.y)
191  return 1;
192  curr=curr->next;
193  }
194  return 0;
195 }
208 static inline int
209 map_selection_contains_polygon(struct map_selection *sel, struct coord *c, int count)
210 {
211  struct coord_rect r;
212  int i;
214  if (! sel)
215  return 1;
216  if (! count)
217  return 0;
219  r.rl=c[0];
220  for (i = 1 ; i < count ; i++) {
221  if (c[i].x <
223  if (c[i].x > r.rl.x)
224  r.rl.x=c[i].x;
225  if (c[i].y < r.rl.y)
226  r.rl.y=c[i].y;
227  if (c[i].y >
229  }
230  return map_selection_contains_rect(sel, &r);
231 }
233 /* prototypes */
234 enum attr_type;
235 enum projection;
236 struct attr;
237 struct attr_iter;
238 struct callback;
239 struct item;
240 struct map;
241 struct map_priv;
242 struct map_rect;
243 struct map_search;
244 struct map_selection;
245 struct pcoord;
246 struct map *map_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs);
247 struct map *map_ref(struct map* m);
248 void map_unref(struct map* m);
249 int map_get_attr(struct map *this_, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr, struct attr_iter *iter);
250 int map_set_attr(struct map *this_, struct attr *attr);
251 void map_add_callback(struct map *this_, struct callback *cb);
252 void map_remove_callback(struct map *this_, struct callback *cb);
253 int map_requires_conversion(struct map *this_);
254 char *map_convert_string_tmp(struct map *this_, char *str);
255 char *map_convert_string(struct map *this_, char *str);
256 char *map_convert_dup(char *str);
257 void map_convert_free(char *str);
258 enum projection map_projection(struct map *this_);
259 void map_set_projection(struct map *this_, enum projection pro);
260 void map_destroy(struct map *m);
261 struct map_rect *map_rect_new(struct map *m, struct map_selection *sel);
262 struct item *map_rect_get_item(struct map_rect *mr);
263 struct item *map_rect_get_item_byid(struct map_rect *mr, int id_hi, int id_lo);
264 struct item *map_rect_create_item(struct map_rect *mr, enum item_type type_);
265 void map_rect_destroy(struct map_rect *mr);
266 struct map_search *map_search_new(struct map *m, struct item *item, struct attr *search_attr, int partial);
267 struct item *map_search_get_item(struct map_search *this_);
268 void map_search_destroy(struct map_search *this_);
269 struct map_selection *map_selection_rect_new(struct pcoord *center, int distance, int order);
270 struct map_selection *map_selection_dup_pro(struct map_selection *sel, enum projection from, enum projection to);
271 struct map_selection *map_selection_dup(struct map_selection *sel);
272 void map_selection_destroy(struct map_selection *sel);
273 int map_selection_contains_item_rect(struct map_selection *sel, struct item *item);
274 int map_selection_contains_item_range(struct map_selection *sel, int follow, struct item_range *range, int count);
275 int map_selection_contains_item(struct map_selection *sel, int follow, enum item_type type);
276 int map_priv_is(struct map *map, struct map_priv *priv);
277 void map_dump_filedesc(struct map *map, FILE *out);
278 void map_dump_file(struct map *map, const char *file);
279 void map_dump(struct map *map);
280 void map_destroy_do(struct map *m);
281 struct maps * maps_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs);
282 /* end of prototypes */
284 #ifdef __cplusplus
285 }
286 #endif
287 #endif
struct item * map_rect_get_item_byid(struct map_rect *mr, int id_hi, int id_lo)
Returns the item specified by the ID.
Definition: map.c:347
struct item * map_rect_create_item(struct map_rect *mr, enum item_type type_)
Definition: map.c:674
int map_priv_is(struct map *map, struct map_priv *priv)
Checks if a pointer points to the private data of a map.
Definition: map.c:646
Definition: attr.h:34
GList * maps
Definition: map.c:29
Represents a search on a map. This struct represents a search on a map; it is created when starting a...
Definition: binfile.c:164
struct map * m
Definition: map.c:377
int(* map_get_attr)(struct map_priv *priv, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr)
Definition: map.h:91
void map_rect_destroy(struct map_rect *mr)
Destroys a map rect.
Definition: map.c:363
void(* map_rect_destroy)(struct map_rect_priv *mr)
Definition: map.h:84
void map_set_projection(struct map *this_, enum projection pro)
Sets the projection of a map.
Definition: map.c:268
Definition: gpx2navit_txt.h:51
int y
Definition: coord.h:36
int map_selection_contains_item(struct map_selection *sel, int follow, enum item_type type)
Checks if a selection contains a item.
Definition: map.c:624
void map_unref(struct map *m)
void(* map_search_destroy)(struct map_search_priv *ms)
Definition: map.h:88
int map_selection_contains_item_range(struct map_selection *sel, int follow, struct item_range *range, int count)
Checks if a selection contains a item range.
Definition: map.c:598
struct coord_rect c_rect
Definition: map.h:60
Definition: item.h:99
char * map_convert_string(struct map *this_, char *str)
Converts a string from a map.
Definition: map.c:230
void map_dump_file(struct map *map, const char *file)
Definition: map.c:659
struct map * map_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs)
Opens a new map.
Definition: map.c:92
struct item * map_rect_get_item(struct map_rect *mr)
Gets the next item from a map rect.
Definition: map.c:327
struct map * map_ref(struct map *m)
union map_selection::@8 u
Definition: item.h:29
void map_add_callback(struct map *this_, struct callback *cb)
Registers a new callback for attribute-change.
Definition: map.c:171
void map_dump_filedesc(struct map *map, FILE *out)
Definition: map.c:650
static int map_selection_contains_rect(struct map_selection *sel, struct coord_rect *r)
Checks if a rectangle is within a map selection.
Definition: map.h:175
void map_dump(struct map *map)
Definition: map.c:669
Definition: item.h:108
struct coord lu
Definition: coord.h:47
int map_set_attr(struct map *this_, struct attr *attr)
Sets an attribute of a map.
Definition: map.c:154
Represents the map from a single binfile.
Definition: binfile.c:105
struct maps * maps_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs)
Definition: maps.c:31
Implementation-specific map rect data.
Definition: binfile.c:137
static int map_selection_contains_polyline(struct map_selection *sel, struct coord *c, int count)
Checks if a polyline is within a map selection.
Definition: map.h:133
Definition: projection.h:23
struct tcoord center
Definition: garmin_img.c:485
enum projection pro
Definition: map.h:80
struct map_selection * next
Definition: map.h:58
Definition: config_.c:47
struct map_selection * map_selection_dup_pro(struct map_selection *sel, enum projection from, enum projection to)
Duplicates a map selection, transforming coordinates.
Definition: map.c:514
struct map_rect * map_rect_new(struct map *m, struct map_selection *sel)
Creates a new map rect.
Definition: map.c:300
Holds all functions a map plugin has to implement to be usable.
Definition: map.h:79
char * map_convert_string_tmp(struct map *this_, char *str)
Converts a string from a map into a temporary allocated buffer. Conversion is not performed and origi...
Definition: map.c:209
Describes a rectangular extract of a map.
Definition: map.c:72
int id_lo
Definition: item.h:102
void map_destroy(struct map *m)
Destroys an opened map.
Definition: map.c:278
enum projection map_projection(struct map *this_)
Returns the projection of a map.
Definition: map.c:258
static int map_selection_contains_point(struct map_selection *sel, struct coord *c)
Checks if a coordinate is within a map selection.
Definition: map.h:109
Definition: attr.h:152
Definition: attr.h:156
static struct item_bin item
Definition: osm.c:52
Used to select data from a map.
Definition: map.h:57
int map_selection_contains_item_rect(struct map_selection *sel, struct item *item)
Checks if a selection contains a rectangle containing an item.
Definition: map.c:567
struct point_rect p_rect
Definition: map.h:61
static int map_selection_contains_polygon(struct map_selection *sel, struct coord *c, int count)
Checks if a polygon is within a map selection.
Definition: map.h:209
int(* map_set_attr)(struct map_priv *priv, struct attr *attr)
Definition: map.h:92
Definition: callback.c:26
struct map_selection ms
Definition: binfile.c:170
void map_search_destroy(struct map_search *this_)
Destroys a map search struct.
Definition: map.c:469
struct map_selection * map_selection_dup(struct map_selection *sel)
Duplicates a map selection.
Definition: map.c:539
struct map_search * map_search_new(struct map *m, struct item *item, struct attr *search_attr, int partial)
Starts a search on a map.
Definition: map.c:412
void map_destroy_do(struct map *m)
int order
Definition: map.h:63
Holds information about a map.
Definition: map.c:60
struct map_selection * map_selection_rect_new(struct pcoord *center, int distance, int order)
Creates a new rectangular map selection.
Definition: map.c:491
Definition: point.h:28
void map_selection_destroy(struct map_selection *sel)
Destroys a map selection.
Definition: map.c:548
void(* map_destroy)(struct map_priv *priv)
Definition: map.h:82
struct item * map_search_get_item(struct map_search *this_)
Returns an item from a map search.
Definition: map.c:450
char * charset
Definition: map.h:81
char * map_convert_dup(char *str)
Definition: map.c:235
struct coord rl
Definition: coord.h:48
Definition: coord.h:46
typedef int(WINAPI *FP_SetStretchBltMode)(HDC dc
char type[3]
Definition: garmin_img.c:123
Definition: coord.h:34
#define dbg_assert(expr)
Definition: debug.h:60
void map_remove_callback(struct map *this_, struct callback *cb)
Removes a callback from the list of attribute-change callbacks.
Definition: map.c:184
Definition: coord.h:40
struct map * m
Definition: map.c:73
int map_get_attr(struct map *this_, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr, struct attr_iter *iter)
Gets an attribute from a map.
Definition: map.c:129
int map_requires_conversion(struct map *this_)
Checks if strings from a map have to be converted.
Definition: map.c:195
void map_convert_free(char *str)
Frees the memory allocated for a converted string.
Definition: map.c:248
struct attr search_attr
Definition: map.c:378
Holds information about a search on a map.
Definition: map.c:376
int id_hi
Definition: item.h:101
int x
Definition: coord.h:35
Definition: file.h:36