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20 #ifndef NAVIT_SEARCH_H
21 #define NAVIT_SEARCH_H
23 #ifdef __cplusplus
24 extern "C" {
25 #endif
27  void *parent;
28  struct item unique,item;
29  int selected;
30  struct pcoord *c;
31  char *town_name;
33  char *postal;
34  char *postal_mask;
35  char *county_name;
36  struct attr **attrs;
37 };
41  char *car;
42  char *iso2;
43  char *iso3;
44  char *name;
45  char *flag;
46 };
50  struct item itemt;
51  char *county;
52 };
56  char *name;
57 };
61  char *house_number;
63 };
66  int id;
67  struct pcoord *c;
72 };
74 /* prototypes */
75 struct attr;
76 struct mapset;
77 struct search_list;
78 struct search_list_result;
79 struct jni_object;
80 struct search_list *search_list_new(struct mapset *ms);
82 void search_list_search(struct search_list *this_, struct attr *search_attr, int partial);
83 char *search_postal_merge(char *mask, char *new_);
84 char *search_postal_merge_replace(char *mask, char *new_);
85 struct search_list_common *search_list_select(struct search_list *this_, enum attr_type attr_type, int id, int mode);
86 char *search_list_get_unique(struct search_list *this_, char *unique);
88 void search_list_destroy(struct search_list *this_);
89 void search_init(void);
90 /* end of prototypes */
91 #ifdef __cplusplus
92 }
93 #endif
95 #endif
struct search_list * search_list_new(struct mapset *ms)
Create new instance of search_list to run a search.
Definition: search.c:96
Definition: attr.h:34
int house_number_interpolation
Definition: search.h:62
char * flag
Definition: search.h:45
struct search_list_common common
Definition: search.h:40
Definition: item.h:99
struct search_list_country * country
Definition: search.h:68
A mapset.
Definition: mapset.c:44
char * postal_mask
Definition: search.h:34
Definition: search.h:26
Definition: android.h:9
struct mapset * ms
Definition: search.c:62
char * car
Definition: search.h:41
struct search_list_town * town
Definition: search.h:69
void search_list_search(struct search_list *this_, struct attr *search_attr, int partial)
Start a search.
Definition: search.c:325
Definition: search.h:39
int search_list_level(enum attr_type attr_type)
Determine search list level for given attr_type.
Definition: search.c:112
Definition: search.h:59
char * postal
Definition: search.h:33
int mode
Definition: graphics_win32.c:59
char * search_postal_merge(char *mask, char *new_)
Definition: search.c:696
struct pcoord * c
Definition: search.h:67
void search_list_destroy(struct search_list *this_)
Definition: search.c:952
struct pcoord * c
Definition: search.h:30
struct search_list_house_number * house_number
Definition: search.h:71
Definition: search.c:61
char * house_number
Definition: search.h:61
char * county_name
Definition: search.h:35
Definition: attr.h:156
void * parent
Definition: search.h:27
char * iso2
Definition: search.h:42
Definition: search.h:54
char * name
Definition: search.h:56
void search_init(void)
Definition: search.c:957
struct item itemt
Definition: search.h:50
struct search_list_common common
Definition: search.h:55
char * search_list_get_unique(struct search_list *this_, char *unique)
char * name
Definition: search.h:44
Definition: search.h:65
char * town_name
Definition: search.h:31
struct attr ** attrs
Definition: search.h:36
struct search_list_common * search_list_select(struct search_list *this_, enum attr_type attr_type, int id, int mode)
Definition: search.c:357
char * iso3
Definition: search.h:43
struct search_list_street * street
Definition: search.h:70
char * county
Definition: search.h:51
int id
Definition: search.h:66
int selected
Definition: search.h:29
char * district_name
Definition: search.h:32
struct search_list_common common
Definition: search.h:49
Definition: coord.h:40
struct search_list_common common
Definition: search.h:60
struct search_list_result * search_list_get_result(struct search_list *this_)
Get (next) result from a search.
Definition: search.c:778
char * search_postal_merge_replace(char *mask, char *new_)
Definition: search.c:720
Definition: search.h:48