navit  0.5.3-trunk
search_list Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct mapsetms
struct itemitem
int level
struct search_list_level levels [4]
struct search_list_result result
struct search_list_result last_result
int last_result_valid
char * postal
struct house_number_interpolation inter
int use_address_results

Field Documentation

◆ address_results

GList* search_list::address_results

◆ address_results_pos

GList * search_list::address_results_pos

◆ inter

struct house_number_interpolation search_list::inter

◆ item

struct item* search_list::item

◆ last_result

struct search_list_result search_list::last_result

◆ last_result_valid

int search_list::last_result_valid

◆ level

int search_list::level

◆ levels

◆ ms

struct mapset* search_list::ms

◆ postal

char* search_list::postal

◆ result

struct search_list_result search_list::result

◆ use_address_results

int search_list::use_address_results

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