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block_priv Struct Reference

#include <mg.h>

Data Fields

int block_num
struct coord_rect b_rect
unsigned char * block_start
struct blockb
unsigned char * p
unsigned char * end
unsigned char * p_start
int binarytree
struct block_bt_priv bt

Field Documentation

◆ b

struct block* block_priv::b

◆ b_rect

struct coord_rect block_priv::b_rect

Referenced by block_init(), and block_setup_tags().

◆ binarytree

int block_priv::binarytree

◆ block_num

int block_priv::block_num

◆ block_start

◆ bt

struct block_bt_priv block_priv::bt

Referenced by block_init(), and block_next().

◆ end

◆ p

◆ p_start

unsigned char* block_priv::p_start

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