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g2sprop Struct Reference

#include <gpx2navit_txt.h>

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Public Attributes

int parseWpt
int parseTrk
int parseRte
int is3d
int isEdge
int isPoint
int isFast
int needsStats
int minpoints
int minlength
int mintime
int verbose
char * sourcefile
char * output
char * ellipsoid
char * lengthUnit
double length2meter
char * timeUnit
double time2sec
char * speedLengthUnit
double speed2meter
char * speedTimeUnit
int speed2sec

Detailed Description

cluster of all dbfhandles cluster of all shphandles propaties structure for gpx2navit_txt

Member Data Documentation

convert statistics

output file base name

convert route data or not

using 3D mode

convert path data as point

convert path data as each separated path

length unit for attributes

ellipsoid type to calculate length

minimum points to convert as a path

shows statistics at last

minimum length to convert as a path

fast mode that skips path check

source .gpx file

convert track data or not

convert waypoint data or not

verbose mode on/off

lenght unit to calculate speed

time unit to calculate speed

value to convert time unit to second

meter value of speedLengthUnit

value to convert speedTimeUnit to seconde

time unit for attributes

meter value of lenght unit

minimum time to convert as a path

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