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geodesic Struct Reference

#include <geodesic.h>

Data Fields

double A
double LAM1
double PHI1
double ALPHA12
double LAM2
double PHI2
double ALPHA21
double DIST
double ONEF
double FLAT
double FLAT2
double FLAT4
double FLAT64

Field Documentation

◆ A

double geodesic::A


double geodesic::ALPHA12


double geodesic::ALPHA21


double geodesic::DIST


int geodesic::ELLIPSE


double geodesic::FLAT


double geodesic::FLAT2


double geodesic::FLAT4

◆ FLAT64

double geodesic::FLAT64

◆ LAM1

double geodesic::LAM1

◆ LAM2

double geodesic::LAM2


double geodesic::ONEF

◆ PHI1

double geodesic::PHI1

◆ PHI2

double geodesic::PHI2

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