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graphics_opengl_window_system Struct Reference

Data Fields

Display * display
int screen
Window window
Window root_window
XVisualInfo visual
Colormap colormap
struct callbackcb
struct event_watchwatch
void * data
void(* resize )(void *data, int w, int h)
void(* button )(void *data, int button, int state, int x, int y)
void(* motion )(void *data, int x, int y)
void * keypress

Field Documentation

void(* graphics_opengl_window_system::button)(void *data, int button, int state, int x, int y)
struct callback* graphics_opengl_window_system::cb
Colormap graphics_opengl_window_system::colormap
void* graphics_opengl_window_system::data
Display* graphics_opengl_window_system::display
void* graphics_opengl_window_system::keypress
void(* graphics_opengl_window_system::motion)(void *data, int x, int y)
void(* graphics_opengl_window_system::resize)(void *data, int w, int h)
Window graphics_opengl_window_system::root_window

Referenced by graphics_opengl_x11_new().

int graphics_opengl_window_system::screen

Referenced by graphics_opengl_x11_new().

XVisualInfo graphics_opengl_window_system::visual

Referenced by graphics_opengl_x11_new().

struct event_watch* graphics_opengl_window_system::watch
Window graphics_opengl_window_system::window

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