navit  0.5.3-trunk
gui_config_settings Struct Reference

A structure to store configuration values. More...

#include <gui_internal_priv.h>

Data Fields

int font_size
int icon_xs
int icon_s
int icon_l
int spacing

Detailed Description

A structure to store configuration values.

This structure stores configuration values for how gui elements in the internal GUI should be drawn.

Field Documentation

◆ font_size

int gui_config_settings::font_size

The base size (in fractions of a point) to use for text.

Referenced by gui_internal_apply_config().

◆ icon_l

int gui_config_settings::icon_l

The size (in pixels) that l style icons should be scaled to, used for icons defined in the menu html

Referenced by gui_internal_apply_config().

◆ icon_s

int gui_config_settings::icon_s

The size (in pixels) that s style icons (small) should be scaled to, used for the menu top row icons

Referenced by gui_internal_apply_config().

◆ icon_xs

int gui_config_settings::icon_xs

The size (in pixels) that xs style icons should be scaled to. This icon size is typically used in various lists and should be set to value which allows a list row to be easily cliked or dragged.

Referenced by gui_internal_apply_config().

◆ spacing

int gui_config_settings::spacing

The default amount of spacing (in pixels) to place between GUI elements.

Referenced by gui_internal_apply_config().

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