navit  0.5.3-trunk
gui_internal_keyb_mode Struct Reference

Describes a keyboard mode. More...

Data Fields

char title [16]
int font
int case_mode
int umlaut_mode

Detailed Description

Describes a keyboard mode.

Field Documentation

◆ case_mode

int gui_internal_keyb_mode::case_mode

Mode to switch to when case CHANGE() key is pressed.

◆ font

int gui_internal_keyb_mode::font

Font size of label

Referenced by gui_internal_keyboard_do().

◆ title

char gui_internal_keyb_mode::title[16]

Label to be displayed on keys that switch to it

Referenced by gui_internal_keyboard_do().

◆ umlaut_mode

int gui_internal_keyb_mode::umlaut_mode

Mode to switch to when UMLAUT() key is pressed.

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