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img_header Struct Reference

Data Fields

char xor
char zero1 [9]
char update_month
char update_year
char zero2 [3]
char checksum [1]
char signature [7]
char unknown1 [1]
char unknown2 [2]
char unknown3 [2]
char unknown4 [2]
char unknown5 [2]
char zero3 [25]
struct timestamp ts
char unknown6
char map_file_identifier [7]
char unknown12
char map_description1 [20]
short unknown13
short unknown14
char e1
char e2
char other [413]
char zero4 [512]
char unknown7
char unknown8 [11]
int file_offset
char unknown9
char unknown10 [15]
char unknown11 [480]

Field Documentation

char img_header::checksum[1]
char img_header::e1
char img_header::e2
int img_header::file_offset

Referenced by map_rect_new_garmin_img().

char img_header::map_description1[20]
char img_header::map_file_identifier[7]
char img_header::other[413]
char img_header::signature[7]
struct timestamp img_header::ts
char img_header::unknown1[1]
char img_header::unknown10[15]
char img_header::unknown11[480]
char img_header::unknown12
short img_header::unknown13
short img_header::unknown14
char img_header::unknown2[2]
char img_header::unknown3[2]
char img_header::unknown4[2]
char img_header::unknown5[2]
char img_header::unknown6
char img_header::unknown7
char img_header::unknown8[11]
char img_header::unknown9
char img_header::update_month
char img_header::update_year
char img_header::xor
char img_header::zero1[9]
char img_header::zero2[3]
char img_header::zero3[25]
char img_header::zero4[512]

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