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log Struct Reference

Data Fields

int overwrite
int empty
int lazy
int mkdir
int flush_size
int flush_time
struct event_timeouttimer
struct callbacktimer_callback
char * filename
char * filename_ex1
char * filename_ex2
struct log_data header
struct log_data data
struct log_data trailer

Field Documentation

◆ data

struct log_data log::data

◆ empty

int log::empty

Referenced by log_flush(), and log_open().

◆ f


Referenced by log_close(), log_flush(), and log_open().

◆ filename

char* log::filename

◆ filename_ex1

char* log::filename_ex1

◆ filename_ex2

char* log::filename_ex2

Referenced by expand_filenames(), and log_open().

◆ flush_size

int log::flush_size

Referenced by log_flush_required().

◆ flush_time

int log::flush_time

Referenced by log_timer().

◆ header

struct log_data log::header

Referenced by log_flush(), and log_set_header().

◆ lazy

int log::lazy

Referenced by log_change(), and log_flush().

◆ mkdir

int log::mkdir

Referenced by log_open().

◆ overwrite

int log::overwrite

Referenced by log_open().

◆ timer

struct event_timeout* log::timer

Referenced by log_destroy().

◆ timer_callback

struct callback* log::timer_callback

Referenced by log_destroy().

◆ trailer

struct log_data log::trailer

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