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navigation_itm Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct navigation_way way
int angle_end
struct coord start end
int time
int length
int speed
int dest_time
int dest_length
int told
int streetname_told
int dest_count
struct navigation_itmnext
struct navigation_itmprev

Field Documentation

int navigation_itm::dest_count
int navigation_itm::dest_time
struct coord start navigation_itm::end

Referenced by navigation_itm_new().

int navigation_itm::speed
int navigation_itm::streetname_told

Indicates if this item's streetname has been told in speech navigation

Referenced by navigation_itm_new(), and show_maneuver().

int navigation_itm::time
int navigation_itm::told

Indicates if this item's announcement has been told earlier and should not be told again

Referenced by show_next_maneuvers().

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