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o5m Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned char buffer [65536 *2]
int buffer_size
unsigned char * buffer_start
unsigned char * buffer_end
FILE * in
int error
int lat
int lon
int uid
int version
unsigned long long id
unsigned long long rid [3]
unsigned long long changeset
time_t timestamp
char * user

Field Documentation

unsigned char o5m::buffer[65536 *2]
unsigned char* o5m::buffer_end
int o5m::buffer_size
unsigned char* o5m::buffer_start
unsigned long long o5m::changeset
int o5m::error
unsigned long long o5m::id
FILE* o5m::in
int o5m::lat
int o5m::lon
unsigned long long o5m::rid[3]
time_t o5m::timestamp
int o5m::uid
char* o5m::user
int o5m::version

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