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odometer Struct Reference

Data Fields

int width
struct graphics_gcorange
struct callbackclick_cb
char * text
char * name
struct color idle_color
int align
int bDisableReset
int bAutoStart
int bActive
int autosave_period
double sum_dist
double sum_time
double time_all
double last_click_time
double last_start_time
double last_update_time
struct coord last_coord
double last_speed
double max_speed
double acceleration

Field Documentation

double odometer::acceleration
int odometer::align
int odometer::autosave_period

Referenced by osd_odometer_init().

int odometer::bAutoStart

Referenced by osd_odometer_init().

int odometer::bDisableReset
struct callback* odometer::click_cb

Referenced by osd_odometer_init().

struct color odometer::idle_color

Referenced by osd_odometer_init().

double odometer::last_click_time

Referenced by osd_odometer_click().

double odometer::last_speed
double odometer::last_start_time

Referenced by osd_odometer_reset().

double odometer::last_update_time
double odometer::max_speed
char* odometer::name
struct graphics_gc* odometer::orange

Referenced by osd_odometer_init().

double odometer::sum_dist
double odometer::sum_time
char* odometer::text
double odometer::time_all

Referenced by osd_odometer_to_string().

int odometer::width

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