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result Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct attr attr
double val
const char * var
int varlen
const char * attrn
int attrnlen
int allocated

Detailed Description

The result, or interim result, of evaluating a saved command.

Field Documentation

◆ allocated

int result::allocated

Whether the result has been calculated

Referenced by command_call_function(), command_get_attr(), command_set_attr(), result_free(), result_op(), and result_set().

◆ attr

◆ attrn

const char* result::attrn

The name of an object that has been resolved but not yet retrieved,


otherwise. Only the first

characters are significant.

Referenced by command_attr_type(), command_call_function(), command_get_attr(), command_set_attr(), dump(), eval_postfix(), eval_value(), resolve(), and resolve_object().

◆ attrnlen

int result::attrnlen

◆ val

double result::val

◆ var

const char* result::var


is false, the name of the object to be resolved. Else, it is the name of the object successfully retrieved and stored in

, or


if retrieval failed. Only the first

characters are significant.

Referenced by command_call_function(), command_get_attr(), command_register_callbacks(), dump(), eval_postfix(), eval_value(), resolve_object(), and result_set().

◆ varlen

int result::varlen

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