navit  0.5.3-trunk
route_graph_segment_data Struct Reference

Data for a segment in the route graph. More...

Data Fields

struct itemitem
int offset
int flags
int len
int maxspeed
struct size_weight_limit size_weight
int dangerous_goods

Detailed Description

Data for a segment in the route graph.

Field Documentation

◆ dangerous_goods

int route_graph_segment_data::dangerous_goods

◆ flags

◆ item

◆ len

◆ maxspeed

int route_graph_segment_data::maxspeed

The maximum speed allowed on this segment in km/h, -1 if not known

Referenced by route_graph_clone_segment(), route_process_street_graph(), and route_process_traffic_distortion().

◆ offset

int route_graph_segment_data::offset

If the item passed in "item" is segmented (i.e. divided into several segments), this indicates the position of this segment within the item

Referenced by route_graph_clone_segment(), route_graph_segment_is_duplicate(), route_process_street_graph(), and route_process_traffic_distortion().

◆ size_weight

struct size_weight_limit route_graph_segment_data::size_weight

Size and weight limits for this segment

Referenced by route_process_street_graph().

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