navit  0.5.3-trunk
route_info Struct Reference

Usually represents a destination or position. More...

Data Fields

struct coord c
struct coord lp
int pos
int lenpos
int lenneg
int lenextra
int percent
struct street_datastreet
int street_direction
int dir

Detailed Description

Usually represents a destination or position.

This struct usually represents a destination or position

Field Documentation

◆ c

◆ dir

int route_info::dir

Direction to take when following the route -1 = Negative direction, 1 = Positive direction

Referenced by rm_get_item(), route_path_add_item_from_graph(), and route_path_new().

◆ lenextra

int route_info::lenextra

Distance between lp and c

Referenced by route_info_distances(), route_path_new(), and route_path_new_offroad().

◆ lenneg

int route_info::lenneg

◆ lenpos

int route_info::lenpos

◆ lp

◆ percent

int route_info::percent

ratio of lenneg to lenght of whole street in percent

Referenced by route_graph_flood(), route_info_distances(), and route_path_new().

◆ pos

int route_info::pos

The position of lp within the coords of the street

Referenced by route_find_nearest_street(), route_info_distances(), route_path_add_item_from_graph(), and route_set_position_from_tracking().

◆ street

◆ street_direction

int route_info::street_direction

Direction of vehicle on street -1 = Negative direction, 1 = Positive direction, 0 = Unknown

Referenced by rm_get_item(), route_path_new(), and route_set_position_from_tracking().

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