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route_path Struct Reference

A complete route path. More...

Data Fields

int in_use
int update_required
int updated
int path_time
int path_len
struct route_path_segmentpath
struct route_path_segmentpath_last
struct item_hashpath_hash
struct route_pathnext

Detailed Description

A complete route path.

A route path is an ordered set of segments describing the route from the current position (or previous destination) to the next destination.

Field Documentation

int route_path::in_use

The path is in use and can not be updated

Referenced by rm_get_item(), rm_rect_destroy(), rm_rect_new(), route_path_destroy(), route_path_new(), and route_path_new_offroad().

struct route_path* route_path::next

Next route path in case of intermediate destinations

Referenced by rm_get_item(), route_get_attr(), route_path_get_distances(), and route_path_update_done().

struct route_path_segment* route_path::path

The first segment in the path, i.e. the segment one should drive in next

Referenced by rm_get_item(), rm_rect_new(), route_extract_segment_from_path(), route_get_attr(), route_path_destroy(), route_path_get_distances(), and route_remove_waypoint().

struct item_hash* route_path::path_hash

A hashtable of all the items represented by this route's segements

Referenced by route_extract_segment_from_path(), route_path_add_item_from_graph(), route_path_destroy(), route_path_new(), and route_path_new_offroad().

struct route_path_segment* route_path::path_last

The last segment in the path

int route_path::path_len

Length of the path

Referenced by route_get_attr().

int route_path::path_time

Time to pass the path

Referenced by route_get_attr().

int route_path::update_required

The path needs to be updated after it is no longer in use

Referenced by rm_rect_destroy().

int route_path::updated

The path has only been updated

Referenced by route_path_new(), and route_path_new_offroad().

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