navit  0.5.3-trunk
route_traffic_distortion Struct Reference

A traffic distortion. More...

Data Fields

int maxspeed
int delay

Detailed Description

A traffic distortion.

Traffic distortions represent delays or closures on the route, which can occur for a variety of reasons such as roadworks, accidents or heavy traffic. They are also used internally by Navit to avoid using a particular segment.

A traffic distortion can limit the speed on a segment, or introduce a delay. If both are given, at the same time, they are cumulative.

Field Documentation

◆ delay

int route_traffic_distortion::delay

Delay in tenths of seconds (0 for no delay)

Referenced by route_get_traffic_distortion(), and route_time_seg().

◆ maxspeed

int route_traffic_distortion::maxspeed

Maximum speed possible in km/h. Use


to leave the speed unchanged, or 0 to mark the segment as impassable.

Referenced by route_get_traffic_distortion(), and route_seg_speed().

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