navit  0.5.3-trunk
street_priv Struct Reference

#include <mg.h>

Data Fields

struct filename_file
struct street_headerheader
int type_count
struct street_typetype
struct street_strstr
struct street_strstr_start
unsigned char * coord_begin
unsigned char * p
unsigned char * p_rewind
unsigned char * end
unsigned char * next
int status
int status_rewind
struct coord_rect ref
int bytes
int more
int flags
int housenumber
int cidx
struct coord hnc [100]
struct housenumber hn [100]
int hn_count
struct street_name name
struct street_name_numbers name_numbers
struct street_name_number name_number
enum attr_type attr_next
char debug [256]
char first_number [32]
char last_number [32]
char current_number [32]
GHashTable * streetname_hash

Field Documentation

◆ attr_next

enum attr_type street_priv::attr_next

Referenced by street_attr_get(), and street_get().

◆ bytes

int street_priv::bytes

◆ cidx

int street_priv::cidx

◆ coord_begin

unsigned char* street_priv::coord_begin

Referenced by street_coord_get(), and street_get().

◆ current_number

char street_priv::current_number[32]

◆ debug

char street_priv::debug[256]

Referenced by street_attr_get().

◆ end

unsigned char* street_priv::end

◆ first_number

char street_priv::first_number[32]

◆ flags

int street_priv::flags

Referenced by street_attr_get(), and street_get().

◆ header

struct street_header* street_priv::header

◆ hn

struct housenumber street_priv::hn[100]

◆ hn_count

int street_priv::hn_count

Referenced by street_get().

◆ hnc

struct coord street_priv::hnc[100]

◆ housenumber

int street_priv::housenumber

Referenced by street_get().

◆ last_number

char street_priv::last_number[32]

◆ more

int street_priv::more

Referenced by street_coord_get(), and street_get().

◆ name

◆ name_file

struct file* street_priv::name_file

◆ name_number

struct street_name_number street_priv::name_number

Referenced by street_name_number_next().

◆ name_numbers

◆ next

unsigned char* street_priv::next

◆ p

unsigned char* street_priv::p

◆ p_rewind

unsigned char* street_priv::p_rewind

Referenced by street_get().

◆ ref

struct coord_rect street_priv::ref

◆ status

int street_priv::status

◆ status_rewind

int street_priv::status_rewind

◆ str

struct street_str* street_priv::str

◆ str_start

struct street_str* street_priv::str_start

Referenced by street_coord_get(), and street_get().

◆ streetname_hash

GHashTable* street_priv::streetname_hash

◆ type

struct street_type* street_priv::type

Referenced by street_get(), and street_get_data().

◆ type_count

int street_priv::type_count

Referenced by street_get_data().

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