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tree_header Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct file_header fil_hdr
char boundary [12]
struct offset_len level
struct offset_len subdivision
struct label_data copyright
struct offset_len tre7
short unknown1
char zero1
struct label_data polyline
struct label_data polygon
struct label_data point
int mapid

Field Documentation

char tree_header::boundary[12]
struct label_data tree_header::copyright
struct file_header tree_header::fil_hdr
struct offset_len tree_header::level

Referenced by dump_levels().

int tree_header::mapid
struct label_data tree_header::point
struct label_data tree_header::polygon
struct label_data tree_header::polyline
struct offset_len tree_header::subdivision
struct offset_len tree_header::tre7
short tree_header::unknown1
char tree_header::zero1

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