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zip64_eoc Struct Reference

#include <zipfile.h>

Data Fields

int zip64esig
unsigned long long zip64esize
unsigned short zip64ever
unsigned short zip64eneed
unsigned int zip64edsk
unsigned int zip64ecen
unsigned long long zip64enum
unsigned long long zip64ecenn
unsigned long long zip64ecsz
unsigned long long zip64eofst
char zip64ecom [0]

Field Documentation

unsigned int zip64_eoc::zip64ecen
unsigned long long zip64_eoc::zip64ecenn

Referenced by zip_write_directory().

char zip64_eoc::zip64ecom[0]
unsigned int zip64_eoc::zip64edsk
unsigned short zip64_eoc::zip64eneed
unsigned long long zip64_eoc::zip64enum

Referenced by zip_write_directory().

int zip64_eoc::zip64esig

Referenced by binfile_read_eoc64(), and download_eoc().

unsigned long long zip64_eoc::zip64esize

Referenced by zip_write_directory().

unsigned short zip64_eoc::zip64ever

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