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zip_cd Struct Reference

ZIP central directory structure. More...

#include <zipfile.h>

Data Fields

int zipcensig
 central directory signature More...
char zipcver
 zip spec version of creating software More...
char zipcos
 os compatibility of the file attribute information More...
char zipcvxt
 minimum zip spec version needed to extract More...
char zipcexos
 unused (?) More...
short zipcflg
 general purpose flag More...
short zipcmthd
 compression method More...
short ziptim
 file modification time More...
short zipdat
 file modification date More...
int zipccrc
 CRC-32 checksum. More...
unsigned int zipcsiz
 file size (after compression) More...
unsigned int zipcunc
 file size (uncompressed) More...
unsigned short zipcfnl
 file name length More...
unsigned short zipcxtl
 extra field length More...
unsigned short zipccml
 comment length More...
unsigned short zipdsk
 disk number of file More...
unsigned short zipint
 internal attributes More...
unsigned int zipext
 external attributes More...
unsigned int zipofst
 offset to start of local file header More...
char zipcfn [0]
 file name (length as given above) More...

Detailed Description

ZIP central directory structure.

See the documentation of the ZIP format for the meaning of these fields.

Field Documentation

unsigned short zip_cd::zipccml

comment length

Referenced by binfile_search_cd(), and cd_to_cpu().

int zip_cd::zipccrc

CRC-32 checksum.

Referenced by cd_to_cpu(), download_finish(), and write_zipmember().

int zip_cd::zipcensig

central directory signature

Referenced by binfile_read_cd(), cd_to_cpu(), download_directory_do(), and download_start().

char zip_cd::zipcexos

unused (?)

short zip_cd::zipcflg

general purpose flag

char zip_cd::zipcfn[0]

file name (length as given above)

Referenced by binfile_extract(), binfile_get_index(), and binfile_search_cd().

short zip_cd::zipcmthd

compression method

Referenced by write_zipmember().

char zip_cd::zipcos

os compatibility of the file attribute information

unsigned int zip_cd::zipcsiz

file size (after compression)

Referenced by cd_to_cpu(), download_finish(), download_request(), and write_zipmember().

char zip_cd::zipcver

zip spec version of creating software

char zip_cd::zipcvxt

minimum zip spec version needed to extract

unsigned short zip_cd::zipcxtl
short zip_cd::zipdat

file modification date

unsigned short zip_cd::zipdsk

disk number of file

Referenced by cd_to_cpu(), and zipfile_to_tile().

unsigned int zip_cd::zipext

external attributes

Referenced by cd_to_cpu().

unsigned short zip_cd::zipint

internal attributes

Referenced by cd_to_cpu().

unsigned int zip_cd::zipofst

offset to start of local file header

Referenced by binfile_cd_ext(), binfile_cd_offset(), cd_to_cpu(), download_finish(), and write_zipmember().

short zip_cd::ziptim

file modification time

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