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NGQPoint Class Reference

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Public Slots

void setNewPoint (QString coord, NGQPointTypes type=PointOfInterest)
QString pointName ()
QString coordString ()
QString pointType ()
QUrl pointUrl ()
QString getInformation ()
QString getPOI (const QString &attr_name)

Public Member Functions

 NGQPoint (struct gui_priv *this_, struct point *p, NGQPointTypes type=MapPoint, QObject *parent=NULL)
 NGQPoint (struct gui_priv *this_, struct coord *c, NGQPointTypes type=Bookmark, QObject *parent=NULL)
 NGQPoint (struct gui_priv *this_, struct pcoord *pc, NGQPointTypes type=Bookmark, QObject *parent=NULL)
 NGQPoint (struct gui_priv *this_, struct coord *c, QString name, NGQPointTypes type=Bookmark, QObject *parent=NULL)
struct pcoordpc ()

Protected Member Functions

QDomElement _fieldValueHelper (QDomDocument doc, QString field, QString value)
QString _coordString ()
QString _coordName ()
void _setUrl (struct item *item)


QString coordString
QString pointName
QString pointType
QUrl pointUrl

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