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gui_priv Struct Reference

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struct  gesture_elem
struct  html

Public Attributes

struct navitnav
GtkWidget * win
GtkWidget * dialog_win
GtkWidget * dialog_entry
struct pcoord dialog_coord
GtkWidget * vbox
GtkWidget * menubar
GtkActionGroup * base_group
GtkActionGroup * debug_group
GtkActionGroup * dyn_group
GtkUIManager * ui_manager
GSList * layout_group
GSList * projection_group
GSList * vehicle_group
GtkUIManager * menu_manager
struct statusbar_privstatusbar
int menubar_enable
int toolbar_enable
int statusbar_enable
int dyn_counter
struct datawindow_privdatawindow
struct attr self
struct windowwin
struct graphicsgra
struct graphics_gcbackground
struct graphics_gcbackground2
struct graphics_gchighlight_background
struct graphics_gcforeground
struct graphics_gctext_foreground
struct graphics_gctext_background
struct color background_color
int spacing
int font_size
int fullscreen
struct graphics_fontfonts [3]
int icon_xs
int icon_s
int icon_l
int pressed
struct widgetwidgets
int widgets_count
int redraw
struct widget root
struct widgethighlighted
struct widgeteditable
struct widgethighlighted_menu
int clickp_valid
int vehicle_valid
struct pcoord clickp vehiclep
struct attrclick_coord_geo
struct attrposition_coord_geo
struct search_listsl
int ignore_button
int menu_on_map_click
int signal_on_map_click
char * country_iso2
int speech
int keyboard
int keyboard_required
struct gui_config_settings config
struct event_idleidle
struct callbackmotion_cb
struct callbackbutton_cb
struct callbackresize_cb
struct callbackkeypress_cb
struct callbackwindow_closed_cb
struct callbackidle_cb
struct callbackmotion_timeout_callback
struct event_timeoutmotion_timeout_event
struct point current
struct callbackvehicle_cb
struct route_data route_data
struct gui_internal_data data
struct callback_listcbl
int flags
int cols
struct attr osd_configuration
int pitch
int flags_town
int flags_street
int flags_house_number
int radius
int mouse_button_clicked_on_map
char * html_text
int html_depth
struct widgethtml_container
int html_skip
char * html_anchor
char * href
int html_anchor_found
struct formform
struct gui_priv::html html [10]
struct gui_priv::gesture_elem gesture_ring [GESTURE_RINGSIZE]
int gesture_ring_last
int gesture_ring_first
int results_map_population
struct guigui
struct vehiclecurrVehicle
int w
int h
char * source
char * skin
char * icon_src
int lazy
QCoreApplication * app
QWidget * mainWindow
QWidget * graphicsWidget
QDeclarativeView * guiWidget
QDeclarativeView * prevGuiWidget
QStackedLayout * switcherWidget
class NGQProxyGuiguiProxy
class NGQProxyNavitnavitProxy
class NGQProxyVehiclevehicleProxy
class NGQProxySearchsearchProxy
class NGQProxyBookmarksbookmarksProxy
class NGQProxyRouterouteProxy
class NGQPointcurrentPoint

Member Data Documentation

The setting information read from the configuration file. values of -1 indicate no value was specified in the config file.

The size (in pixels) that l style icons should be scaled to

The size (in pixels) that s style icons (small) should be scaled to

The size (in pixels) that xs style icons should be scaled to. This icon size can be too small to click it on some devices.

Stores information about the route.

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