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gui_priv Struct Reference

#include <graphics_win32.h>

Data Structures

struct  gesture_elem
struct  html

Data Fields

struct navitnav
GtkWidget * win
GtkWidget * dialog_win
GtkWidget * dialog_entry
struct pcoord dialog_coord
GtkWidget * vbox
GtkWidget * menubar
GtkActionGroup * base_group
GtkActionGroup * debug_group
GtkActionGroup * dyn_group
GtkUIManager * ui_manager
GSList * layout_group
GSList * projection_group
GSList * vehicle_group
GtkUIManager * menu_manager
struct statusbar_privstatusbar
int menubar_enable
int toolbar_enable
int statusbar_enable
int dyn_counter
struct datawindow_privdatawindow
struct attr self
struct windowwin
struct graphicsgra
struct graphics_gcbackground
struct graphics_gcbackground2
struct graphics_gchighlight_background
struct graphics_gcforeground
struct graphics_gctext_foreground
struct graphics_gctext_background
struct color background_color
int spacing
int font_size
char * font_name
int fullscreen
struct graphics_fontfonts [3]
int icon_xs
int icon_s
int icon_l
int pressed
struct widgetwidgets
int widgets_count
int redraw
struct widget root
struct widgethighlighted
struct widgeteditable
struct widgethighlighted_menu
struct pcoord clickp vehiclep
struct attrclick_coord_geo
struct attrposition_coord_geo
struct search_listsl
int ignore_button
int menu_on_map_click
char * on_map_click
int signal_on_map_click
char * country_iso2
int speech
int keyboard
int keyboard_required
struct gui_config_settings config
struct event_idleidle
struct callbackmotion_cb
struct callbackbutton_cb
struct callbackresize_cb
struct callbackkeypress_cb
struct callbackwindow_closed_cb
struct callbackidle_cb
struct callbackmotion_timeout_callback
struct event_timeoutmotion_timeout_event
struct point current
struct callbackvehicle_cb
struct route_data route_data
struct gui_internal_data data
struct callback_listcbl
int flags
int cols
struct attr osd_configuration
int pitch
int flags_town
int flags_street
int flags_house_number
int radius
int mouse_button_clicked_on_map
char * html_text
int html_depth
struct widgethtml_container
int html_skip
char * html_anchor
char * href
int html_anchor_found
struct formform
struct gui_priv::html html [10]
struct gui_priv::gesture_elem gesture_ring [GESTURE_RINGSIZE]
int gesture_ring_last
int gesture_ring_first
int hide_keys
int results_map_population
struct guigui
struct vehiclecurrVehicle
int w
int h
char * source
char * skin
char * icon_src
int lazy
QCoreApplication * app
QWidget * mainWindow
QWidget * graphicsWidget
QDeclarativeView * guiWidget
QDeclarativeView * prevGuiWidget
QStackedLayout * switcherWidget
class NGQProxyGuiguiProxy
class NGQProxyNavitnavitProxy
class NGQProxyVehiclevehicleProxy
class NGQProxySearchsearchProxy
class NGQProxyBookmarksbookmarksProxy
class NGQProxyRouterouteProxy
class NGQPointcurrentPoint
struct attr attributes
struct callback_listcallbacks
QQmlApplicationEngine * engine
QObject * loader
class Backendbackend

Detailed Description

Private data for the internal GUI.

Martin Schaller (04/2008)

Navit, a modular navigation system. Copyright (C) 2005-2010 Navit Team

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

Field Documentation

QCoreApplication* gui_priv::app

Referenced by gui_qml_set_graphics().

struct attr gui_priv::attributes

Referenced by gui_qt5_qml_new().

class Backend* gui_priv::backend
struct graphics_gc* gui_priv::background
struct graphics_gc* gui_priv::background2
GtkActionGroup* gui_priv::base_group
GList* gui_priv::bookmarks_menuitems
class NGQProxyBookmarks* gui_priv::bookmarksProxy

Referenced by gui_qml_set_graphics().

struct callback * gui_priv::button_cb
struct callback_list* gui_priv::callbacks

Referenced by gui_qt5_qml_new().

struct attr* gui_priv::click_coord_geo
int gui_priv::cols

Referenced by select_row().

struct gui_config_settings gui_priv::config

The setting information read from the configuration file. values of -1 indicate no value was specified in the config file.

char* gui_priv::country_iso2
struct point gui_priv::current

Referenced by gui_internal_motion().

struct gui_internal_data gui_priv::data

Referenced by gui_internal_get_data().

GtkActionGroup* gui_priv::debug_group
GList* gui_priv::dest_menuitems
struct pcoord gui_priv::dialog_coord
GtkWidget* gui_priv::dialog_entry
GtkWidget* gui_priv::dialog_win
int gui_priv::dyn_counter

Referenced by add_menu().

GtkActionGroup* gui_priv::dyn_group

Referenced by add_menu(), and remove_menu().

struct widget * gui_priv::editable
QQmlApplicationEngine* gui_priv::engine
int gui_priv::flags
int gui_priv::flags_house_number
int gui_priv::flags_street
int gui_priv::flags_town
char* gui_priv::font_name
int gui_priv::font_size
struct graphics_font* gui_priv::fonts[3]
struct graphics_gc* gui_priv::foreground
struct form* gui_priv::form
struct gui_priv::gesture_elem gui_priv::gesture_ring[GESTURE_RINGSIZE]
int gui_priv::gesture_ring_first
int gui_priv::gesture_ring_last
QWidget* gui_priv::graphicsWidget
QDeclarativeView* gui_priv::guiWidget
int gui_priv::hide_keys
struct graphics_gc* gui_priv::highlight_background
struct widget* gui_priv::highlighted
struct widget* gui_priv::highlighted_menu
char* gui_priv::href
char* gui_priv::html_anchor
int gui_priv::html_anchor_found
struct widget* gui_priv::html_container
int gui_priv::html_depth
int gui_priv::html_skip
char* gui_priv::html_text
int gui_priv::icon_l

The size (in pixels) that l style icons should be scaled to

int gui_priv::icon_s

The size (in pixels) that s style icons (small) should be scaled to

char* gui_priv::icon_src
int gui_priv::icon_xs

The size (in pixels) that xs style icons should be scaled to. This icon size can be too small to click it on some devices.

struct event_idle* gui_priv::idle
struct callback * gui_priv::idle_cb
int gui_priv::ignore_button
int gui_priv::keyboard

Whether the internal GUI keyboard is enabled

int gui_priv::keyboard_required

Whether keyboard input is needed. This is only used by the HTML menu, text entry dialogs do not use this member.

struct callback * gui_priv::keypress_cb
GSList* gui_priv::layout_group
int gui_priv::lazy
QObject* gui_priv::loader
QWidget* gui_priv::mainWindow
GtkUIManager* gui_priv::menu_manager
int gui_priv::menu_on_map_click
GtkWidget* gui_priv::menubar
int gui_priv::menubar_enable
struct callback * gui_priv::motion_cb
struct callback * gui_priv::motion_timeout_callback

Referenced by gui_internal_motion().

struct event_timeout* gui_priv::motion_timeout_event

Referenced by gui_internal_motion().

int gui_priv::mouse_button_clicked_on_map
struct navit * gui_priv::nav

Referenced by NGQPoint::_coordName(), NGQProxyBookmarks::AddBookmark(), NGQProxyRoute::addDestination(), NGQProxyBookmarks::AddFolder(), autozoom_action(), NGQProxyBookmarks::Copy(), cursor_action(), NGQProxyBookmarks::Cut(), NGQProxyBookmarks::Delete(), destination_action(), follow_vehicle_action(), NGQProxyRoute::getAttrFunc(), NGQProxyNavit::getAttrFunc(), NGQProxyNavit::getAttrList(), NGQProxyBookmarks::getBookmarks(), NGQPoint::getPOI(), NGQProxyNavit::getPosition(), gui_gtk_action_activate(), gui_gtk_action_changed(), gui_gtk_action_toggled(), gui_gtk_add_bookmark_do(), gui_gtk_route_callback(), gui_gtk_statusbar_new(), gui_internal_motion(), gui_internal_resize(), gui_qml_button(), gui_qml_dbus_signal(), gui_qml_keypress(), gui_qml_motion(), gui_qml_new(), gui_qml_resize(), gui_qml_set_graphics(), gui_qt5_qml_button(), gui_qt5_qml_motion(), gui_qt5_qml_new(), gui_qt5_qml_resize(), gui_qt5_qml_set_graphics(), info_action(), NGQProxyBookmarks::moveDown(), NGQProxyBookmarks::moveRoot(), NGQProxyBookmarks::moveUp(), NGQPoint::NGQPoint(), NGQProxySearch::NGQProxySearch(), orient_north_action(), NGQProxyBookmarks::Paste(), poi_search_action(), quit_action(), refresh_action(), roadbook_action(), route_clear_action(), NGQProxyRoute::setAttrFunc(), NGQProxyNavit::setAttrFunc(), NGQProxyNavit::setCenter(), NGQProxyNavit::setDestination(), NGQPoint::setNewPoint(), NGQProxyNavit::setObjectByName(), NGQProxyBookmarks::setPoint(), NGQProxyNavit::setPosition(), NGQProxyNavit::stopNavigation(), tracking_action(), win32_gui_new(), WndProc(), zoom_in_action(), and zoom_out_action().

class NGQProxyNavit* gui_priv::navitProxy
char* gui_priv::on_map_click
struct attr gui_priv::osd_configuration

The OSD configuration, a set of flags controlling which OSD items will be visible.

int gui_priv::pitch

The pitch for the 3D map view.

Referenced by gui_qml_get_attr(), gui_qml_new(), and gui_qml_set_attr().

struct attr * gui_priv::position_coord_geo
int gui_priv::pressed

Referenced by gui_internal_motion().

QDeclarativeView* gui_priv::prevGuiWidget
GSList* gui_priv::projection_group
int gui_priv::radius
int gui_priv::redraw
struct callback * gui_priv::resize_cb
int gui_priv::results_map_population
struct widget gui_priv::root
struct route_data gui_priv::route_data

Stores information about the route.

Referenced by gui_internal_route_screen_free().

class NGQProxyRoute* gui_priv::routeProxy

Referenced by gui_qml_set_graphics().

class NGQProxySearch* gui_priv::searchProxy

Referenced by gui_qml_set_graphics().

struct attr gui_priv::self

Referenced by gui_qml_new().

int gui_priv::signal_on_map_click

Referenced by gui_qml_button(), and gui_qml_new().

char* gui_priv::skin
struct search_list* gui_priv::sl
char* gui_priv::source
int gui_priv::spacing
int gui_priv::speech
struct statusbar_priv* gui_priv::statusbar
int gui_priv::statusbar_enable
QStackedLayout* gui_priv::switcherWidget

Referenced by gui_qml_set_graphics().

struct graphics_gc* gui_priv::text_background
struct color background_color background2_color text_foreground_color gui_priv::text_background_color
struct graphics_gc* gui_priv::text_foreground
int gui_priv::toolbar_enable
GtkUIManager* gui_priv::ui_manager
GtkWidget* gui_priv::vbox

Referenced by gui_gtk_statusbar_new().

struct callback* gui_priv::vehicle_cb
GSList* gui_priv::vehicle_group
GList* gui_priv::vehicle_menuitems
struct pcoord clickp gui_priv::vehiclep
class NGQProxyVehicle* gui_priv::vehicleProxy
struct widget* gui_priv::widgets
int gui_priv::widgets_count
struct window* gui_priv::win
struct callback * gui_priv::window_closed_cb

Referenced by gui_qml_set_graphics().

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