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org::navitproject::navit::NavitDialogs Class Reference

Inherits android::os::Handler.

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class  SearchResultsThread
class  SearchResultsThreadSpinner

Public Member Functions

 NavitDialogs (Activity activity)
void handleMessage (Message msg)
void open_search_result_list ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void sendDialogMessage (int what, String title, String text, int dialog_num, int value1, int value2)

Static Public Attributes

static Boolean NavitAddressSearchSpinnerActive = false
static String Navit_last_address_search_string = ""
static Boolean Navit_last_address_partial_match = false
static String Navit_last_country = ""
static final int DIALOG_MAPDOWNLOAD = 1
static final int DIALOG_SEARCHRESULTS_WAIT = 3

Package Functions

Dialog createDialog (int id)

Static Package Attributes

static final int MSG_REMOVE_PROGRESS_BAR = 0
static final int MSG_PROGRESS_BAR = 1
static final int MSG_TOAST = 2
static final int MSG_TOAST_LONG = 3
static final int MSG_SEARCH = 4
static final int MSG_PROGRESS_BAR_SEARCH = 5
static final int MSG_POSITION_MENU = 6
static final int MSG_START_MAP_DOWNLOAD = 7
static final int MSG_REMOVE_DIALOG_GENERIC = 99
static Handler mHandler

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