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org::navitproject::navit::Navit Class Reference

Inherits android::app::Activity.

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class  NavitAddress

Public Member Functions

void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)
void onResume ()
void setActivityResult (int requestCode, NavitActivityResult ActivityResult)
boolean onPrepareOptionsMenu (Menu menu)
void start_targetsearch_from_intent (String target_address)
boolean onOptionsItemSelected (MenuItem item)
void onDestroy ()
void disableSuspend ()
void exit ()
native void NavitMain (Navit x, String lang, int version, String display_density_string, String path)
native void NavitDestroy ()

Static Public Member Functions

static String get_text (String in)
static void setKeypressCallback (int kp_cb_id, NavitGraphics ng)
static void setMotionCallback (int mo_cb_id, NavitGraphics ng)

Public Attributes

NavitDialogs dialogs

Static Public Attributes

static InputMethodManager mgr = null
static DisplayMetrics metrics = null
static Boolean show_soft_keyboard = false
static Boolean show_soft_keyboard_now_showing = false
static long last_pressed_menu_key = 0L
static long time_pressed_menu_key = 0L
static String my_display_density = "mdpi"
static final int ADDRESS_RESULTS_DIALOG_MAX = 10
static final int NavitDownloaderPriSelectMap_id = 967
static final int NavitDownloaderSecSelectMap_id = 968
static int search_results_towns = 0
static int search_results_streets = 0
static int search_results_streets_hn = 0
static final int MAP_NUM_PRIMARY = 11
static final int NavitAddressSearch_id = 70
static final int NavitAddressResultList_id = 71
static List< NavitAddress > NavitAddressResultList_foundItems = new ArrayList<NavitAddress>()
static final int MAP_NUM_SECONDARY = 12
static final String NAVIT_PREFS = "NavitPrefs"
static NavitGraphics N_NavitGraphics = null

Protected Member Functions

void onActivityResult (int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data)
Dialog onCreateDialog (int id)

Package Functions

void setDestination (float latitude, float longitude, String address)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Static Package Attributes

static final String MAP_FILENAME_PATH = "/sdcard/navit/"
static final String NAVIT_DATA_DIR = "/data/data/org.navitproject.navit"
static final String NAVIT_DATA_SHARE_DIR = "/share"
static final String FIRST_STARTUP_FILE = "/has_run_once.txt"

Member Function Documentation

void org::navitproject::navit::Navit::onCreate ( Bundle  savedInstanceState) [inline]

Called when the activity is first created.

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