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20 #include "coord.h"
22 struct menu_methods;
23 struct datawindow_methods;
24 struct navit;
25 struct callback;
26 struct statusbar_priv;
28 struct gui_priv {
29  struct navit *nav;
30  GtkWidget *win;
31  GtkWidget *dialog_win;
32  GtkWidget *dialog_entry;
34  GtkWidget *vbox;
35  GtkWidget *menubar;
36  GtkActionGroup *base_group;
37  GtkActionGroup *debug_group;
38  GtkActionGroup *dyn_group;
39  GtkUIManager *ui_manager;
40  GSList *layout_group;
42  GSList *vehicle_group;
46  GtkUIManager *menu_manager; // old
53 };
55 void gui_gtk_ui_init(struct gui_priv *this);
56 struct menu_priv *gui_gtk_menubar_new(struct gui_priv *gui, struct menu_methods *meth);
58 struct menu_priv *gui_gtk_popup_new(struct gui_priv *gui, struct menu_methods *meth);
59 struct datawindow_priv *gui_gtk_datawindow_new(struct gui_priv *gui, const char *name, struct callback *click, struct callback *close, struct datawindow_methods *meth);
61 void gui_gtk_datawindow_set_button(struct datawindow_priv *this_, GtkWidget *btn);
GList * vehicle_menuitems
Definition: gui_gtk.h:45
struct statusbar_priv * statusbar
Definition: gui_gtk.h:47
struct statusbar_priv * gui_gtk_statusbar_new(struct gui_priv *gui)
Definition: gui_gtk_statusbar.c:172
GtkWidget * win
Definition: gui_gtk.h:30
Definition: data_window.h:27
struct datawindow_priv * datawindow
Definition: gui_gtk.h:52
void gui_gtk_datawindow_set_button(struct datawindow_priv *this_, GtkWidget *btn)
Definition: datawindow.c:149
GtkWidget * menubar
Definition: gui_gtk.h:35
Definition: gui.c:30
GList * bookmarks_menuitems
Definition: gui_gtk.h:44
GSList * projection_group
Definition: gui_gtk.h:41
GtkWidget * dialog_win
Definition: gui_gtk.h:31
GSList * vehicle_group
Definition: gui_gtk.h:42
struct menu_priv * gui_gtk_menubar_new(struct gui_priv *gui, struct menu_methods *meth)
struct datawindow_priv * gui_gtk_datawindow_new(struct gui_priv *gui, const char *name, struct callback *click, struct callback *close, struct datawindow_methods *meth)
Definition: datawindow.c:171
struct pcoord dialog_coord
Definition: gui_gtk.h:33
struct callback * click
Definition: datawindow.c:38
Definition: graphics_win32.h:52
GtkWidget * dialog_entry
Definition: gui_gtk.h:32
GtkActionGroup * base_group
Definition: gui_gtk.h:36
int statusbar_enable
Definition: gui_gtk.h:50
int dyn_counter
Definition: gui_gtk.h:51
Definition: menu.h:33
Definition: gui_gtk_statusbar.c:38
void gui_gtk_ui_init(struct gui_priv *this)
Definition: gui_gtk_action.c:533
struct navit * nav
Definition: graphics_win32.h:53
Definition: datawindow.c:31
int toolbar_enable
Definition: gui_gtk.h:49
GtkWidget * vbox
Definition: gui_gtk.h:34
GList * dest_menuitems
Definition: gui_gtk.h:43
Definition: callback.c:26
GtkActionGroup * dyn_group
Definition: gui_gtk.h:38
struct menu_priv * gui_gtk_popup_new(struct gui_priv *gui, struct menu_methods *meth)
Definition: gui_gtk_action.c:615
GSList * layout_group
Definition: gui_gtk.h:40
GtkUIManager * ui_manager
Definition: gui_gtk.h:39
GtkUIManager * menu_manager
Definition: gui_gtk.h:46
GtkActionGroup * debug_group
Definition: gui_gtk.h:37
void gui_gtk_datawindow_destroy(struct datawindow_priv *win)
Definition: datawindow.c:137
char name[0]
Definition: street.c:496
Definition: navit.c:111
Definition: coord.h:40
Definition: graphics_win32.h:46
struct callback * close
Definition: datawindow.c:38
int menubar_enable
Definition: gui_gtk.h:48