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navit Struct Reference

Data Fields

NAVIT_OBJECT struct attr self
struct guigui
struct layoutlayout_current
struct graphicsgra
struct action * action
struct transformationtrans
struct transformationtrans_cursor
struct compasscompass
struct routeroute
struct navigationnavigation
struct speechspeech
struct trackingtracking
int ready
struct windowwin
struct displaylistdisplaylist
int tracking_flag
int orientation
int recentdest_count
int osd_configuration
struct navit_vehiclevehicle
struct callback_listattr_cbl
struct callbacknav_speech_cb
struct callbackroadbook_callback
struct callbackpopup_callback
struct callbackroute_cb
struct callbackprogress_cb
struct datawindowroadbook_window
struct mapformer_destination
struct point pressed last current
int button_pressed
int moved
int popped
int zoomed
int center_timeout
int autozoom_secs
int autozoom_min
int autozoom_max
int autozoom_active
int autozoom_paused
struct event_timeoutbutton_timeout
struct event_timeoutmotion_timeout
struct callbackmotion_timeout_callback
int ignore_button
int ignore_graphics_events
struct logtextfile_debug_log
struct pcoord destination
int destination_valid
int blocked
int w
int h
int drag_bitmap
int use_mousewheel
struct messagelistmessages
struct callbackresize_callback
struct callbackbutton_callback
struct callbackmotion_callback
struct callbackpredraw_callback
struct vehicleprofilevehicleprofile
int pitch
int follow_cursor
int prevTs
int graphics_flags
int zoom_min
int zoom_max
int radius
struct bookmarksbookmarks
int flags
int border
int imperial
int waypoints_flag
struct coord_geo center
int auto_switch

Field Documentation

struct action* navit::action
int navit::autozoom_max
int navit::autozoom_min
int navit::autozoom_paused
int navit::autozoom_secs
int navit::blocked

Whether draw operations are currently blocked. This can be a combination of the following flags: 1: draw operations are blocked 2: draw operations are pending, requiring a redraw once draw operations are unblocked

Referenced by navit_block(), navit_draw_async(), navit_get_blocked(), and navit_vehicle_draw().

struct bookmarks* navit::bookmarks
struct callback * navit::button_callback
struct event_timeout* navit::button_timeout
struct coord_geo navit::center

Referenced by navit_get_attr().

int navit::center_timeout
struct compass* navit::compass
struct point pressed last navit::current
int navit::drag_bitmap
int navit::flags
int navit::ignore_button
int navit::ignore_graphics_events
int navit::imperial
GList* navit::layouts
struct messagelist* navit::messages
struct callback * navit::motion_callback
struct event_timeout * navit::motion_timeout
struct callback* navit::motion_timeout_callback
struct callback* navit::nav_speech_cb

Referenced by navit_destroy(), and navit_init().

int navit::osd_configuration
int navit::pitch

Referenced by navit_set_attr_do().

int navit::popped
struct callback * navit::popup_callback

Referenced by navit_button(), and navit_destroy().

struct callback * navit::predraw_callback
struct callback * navit::progress_cb

Referenced by navit_destroy(), and navit_init().

int navit::radius
struct callback* navit::resize_callback
struct callback * navit::roadbook_callback
struct callback * navit::route_cb

Referenced by navit_destroy(), and navit_init().

NAVIT_OBJECT struct attr navit::self
struct log* navit::textfile_debug_log
int navit::use_mousewheel
int navit::waypoints_flag
struct window* navit::win
GList* navit::windows_items
int navit::zoom_max
int navit::zoom_min
int navit::zoomed

Referenced by navit_handle_button().

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