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graphics_gc_priv Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

struct graphics_privgra
int linewidth
enum draw_mode_num mode
int a
int r
int g
int b
struct graphics_privgr
int color
int bgcolor
int width
struct color color2
unsigned char * dash_list
int dash_count
int dash_list_len
GdkGC * gc
GdkPixmap * pixmap
struct color c
int dummy
float fr
float fg
float fb
float fa
float br
float bg
float bb
float ba
int dash_mask
QPen * pen
QBrush * brush
Uint8 fore_r
Uint8 fore_g
Uint8 fore_b
Uint8 fore_a
Uint8 back_r
Uint8 back_g
Uint8 back_b
Uint8 back_a
HWND hwnd
int line_width
COLORREF fg_color
int fg_alpha
COLORREF bg_color
HPEN hpen
HBRUSH hbrush

Protected Attributes

CGFloat rgba [4]
int w

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