navit  0.5.3-trunk
graphics_priv Struct Reference

#include <graphics_qt5.h>

Public Member Functions

 BOOL (WINAPI *ChangeWindowMessageFilter)(UINT message
 BOOL (WINAPI *ChangeWindowMessageFilterEx)(HWND hWnd

Data Fields

jclass NavitGraphicsClass
jmethodID NavitGraphics_draw_polyline
jmethodID NavitGraphics_draw_polygon
jmethodID NavitGraphics_draw_rectangle
jmethodID NavitGraphics_draw_circle
jmethodID NavitGraphics_draw_text
jmethodID NavitGraphics_draw_image
jmethodID NavitGraphics_draw_image_warp
jmethodID NavitGraphics_draw_mode
jmethodID NavitGraphics_draw_drag
jmethodID NavitGraphics_overlay_disable
jmethodID NavitGraphics_overlay_resize
jmethodID NavitGraphics_SetCamera
jmethodID NavitGraphics_setBackgroundColor
jclass PaintClass
jmethodID Paint_init
jmethodID Paint_setStrokeWidth
jmethodID Paint_setARGB
jobject NavitGraphics
jobject Paint
jclass BitmapFactoryClass
jmethodID BitmapFactory_decodeFile
jmethodID BitmapFactory_decodeResource
jclass BitmapClass
jmethodID Bitmap_getHeight
jmethodID Bitmap_getWidth
jmethodID Bitmap_createScaledBitmap
jclass ContextClass
jmethodID Context_getResources
jclass ResourcesClass
jobject Resources
jmethodID Resources_getIdentifier
jobject packageName
struct callback_listcbl
struct window win
struct paddingpadding
jint bgcolor
CGLayerRef layer
CGContextRef layer_context
struct point p pclean
int w
int h
int wraparound
int overlay_disabled
int cleanup
struct graphics_privparent
struct graphics_privnext
struct graphics_privoverlays
int fill_poly
int show_overlays
int button_timeout
struct point p
int width
int height
int library_init
int visible
int overlay_enabled
int overlay_autodisabled
GLuint framebuffer_name
GLuint overlay_texture
struct graphics_gc_privbackground_gc
enum draw_mode_num mode
GLuint program
GLint mvp_location
GLint position_location
GLint color_location
GLint texture_position_location
GLint use_texture_location
GLint texture_location
struct font_freetype_methods freetype_methods
struct navitnav
int timeout
int delay
struct window window
int dirty
int force_redraw
time_t last_refresh_time
struct graphics_opengl_platformplatform
struct graphics_opengl_platform_methodsplatform_methods
gdImagePtr im
int flags
int overlay
int shmkey
int shmsize
int shmoffset
void * shm
struct shmem_headershm_header
struct callbackcb
struct graphics_gc_privbackground
struct graphics_data_image image
GdkEventButton button_event
GtkWidget * widget
GtkWidget * win
cairo_t * cairo
int win_w
int win_h
int pid
struct timeval button_press [8]
struct timeval button_release [8]
char * window_title
int dummy
void(* resize_callback )(void *data, int w, int h)
void * resize_callback_data
void(* motion_callback )(void *data, struct point *p)
void * motion_callback_data
void(* button_callback )(void *data, int press, int button, struct point *p)
void * button_callback_data
GLuint DLid
struct graphics_opengl_window_systemwindow_system
struct graphics_opengl_window_system_methodswindow_system_methods
QPixmap * pixmap
QPainter * painter
int use_count
int disable
int x
int y
int scroll_x
int scroll_y
struct graphics_gc_privbackground_graphics_gc_priv
struct callbackdisplay_on_cb
struct event_timeoutdisplay_on_ev
struct callback_listcallbacks
GHashTable * overlays
bool root
int argc
char * argv [4]
QApplication * app
unsigned char rgba [4]
int overlay_disable
struct font_priv *(* font_freetype_new )(void *meth)
SDL_Surface * screen
int aa
uint32_t video_flags
int video_bpp
int overlay_mode
int overlay_x
int overlay_y
struct graphics_privoverlay_parent
int overlay_idx
struct graphics_privoverlay_array [OVERLAY_MAX]
int overlay_enable
enum draw_mode_num draw_mode
int resize_callback_initial
int frame
int disabled
HANDLE wnd_parent_handle
HANDLE wnd_handle
COLORREF bg_color
struct color transparent_color
DWORD * pPixelData
HDC hPrebuildDC
HBITMAP hPrebuildBitmap
HBITMAP hOldBitmap
HBITMAP hOldPrebuildBitmap
FP_AlphaBlend AlphaBlend
FP_SetStretchBltMode SetStretchBltMode
DWORD dwFlag
UINT message
UINT DWORD void * pChangeFilterStruct
HANDLE hUser32Dll
HANDLE hGdi32Dll
GHashTable * image_cache_hash

Detailed Description

Navit, a modular navigation system. Copyright (C) 2005-2008 Navit Team

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

Member Function Documentation

◆ BOOL() [1/2]

graphics_priv::BOOL ( WINAPI *  ChangeWindowMessageFilter)

◆ BOOL() [2/2]

graphics_priv::BOOL ( WINAPI *  ChangeWindowMessageFilterEx)

Field Documentation

◆ aa

int graphics_priv::aa

◆ action

UINT DWORD graphics_priv::action

◆ AlphaBlend

FP_AlphaBlend graphics_priv::AlphaBlend

Referenced by bind_late(), overlay_new(), and pngrender().

◆ app

QApplication* graphics_priv::app

◆ argc

int graphics_priv::argc

◆ argv

char* graphics_priv::argv[4]

◆ background

struct graphics_gc_priv* graphics_priv::background

◆ background_gc

struct graphics_gc_priv * graphics_priv::background_gc

◆ background_graphics_gc_priv

struct graphics_gc_priv* graphics_priv::background_graphics_gc_priv

◆ bg_color

COLORREF graphics_priv::bg_color

Referenced by background_gc(), and draw_mode().

◆ bgcolor

jint graphics_priv::bgcolor

◆ Bitmap_createScaledBitmap

jmethodID graphics_priv::Bitmap_createScaledBitmap

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and image_new().

◆ Bitmap_getHeight

jmethodID graphics_priv::Bitmap_getHeight

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and image_new().

◆ Bitmap_getWidth

jmethodID graphics_priv::Bitmap_getWidth

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and image_new().

◆ BitmapClass

jclass graphics_priv::BitmapClass

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and image_new().

◆ BitmapFactory_decodeFile

jmethodID graphics_priv::BitmapFactory_decodeFile

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and image_new().

◆ BitmapFactory_decodeResource

jmethodID graphics_priv::BitmapFactory_decodeResource

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and image_new().

◆ BitmapFactoryClass

jclass graphics_priv::BitmapFactoryClass

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and image_new().

◆ button_callback

void(* graphics_priv::button_callback) (void *data, int press, int button, struct point *p)

Referenced by graphics_android_init().

◆ button_callback_data

void* graphics_priv::button_callback_data

◆ button_event

GdkEventButton graphics_priv::button_event

◆ button_press

struct timeval graphics_priv::button_press[8]

◆ button_release

struct timeval graphics_priv::button_release[8]

◆ button_timeout

int graphics_priv::button_timeout

◆ cairo

◆ callbacks

◆ cb

◆ cbl

◆ cleanup

int graphics_priv::cleanup

Referenced by draw_drag(), and draw_mode().

◆ color_location

GLint graphics_priv::color_location

Referenced by overlay_new(), and set_color().

◆ Context_getResources

jmethodID graphics_priv::Context_getResources

Referenced by graphics_android_init().

◆ ContextClass

jclass graphics_priv::ContextClass

Referenced by graphics_android_init().

◆ delay

int graphics_priv::delay

◆ dirty

◆ disable

int graphics_priv::disable

◆ disabled

int graphics_priv::disabled

◆ display_on_cb

struct callback* graphics_priv::display_on_cb

◆ display_on_ev

struct event_timeout* graphics_priv::display_on_ev

◆ DLid

GLuint graphics_priv::DLid

◆ draw_mode

enum draw_mode_num graphics_priv::draw_mode

Referenced by draw_mode(), and overlay_disable().

◆ dummy

int graphics_priv::dummy

◆ dwFlag

DWORD graphics_priv::dwFlag

◆ fill_poly

int graphics_priv::fill_poly

◆ flags

◆ font_freetype_new

struct font_priv*(* graphics_priv::font_freetype_new) (void *meth)

◆ force_redraw

◆ frame

int graphics_priv::frame

◆ framebuffer_name

GLuint graphics_priv::framebuffer_name

◆ freetype_methods

◆ h

◆ hBitmap

HBITMAP graphics_priv::hBitmap

Referenced by create_memory_dc().

◆ hCoreDll

HANDLE graphics_priv::hCoreDll

Referenced by bind_late().

◆ height

◆ hGdi32Dll

HANDLE graphics_priv::hGdi32Dll

Referenced by bind_late().

◆ hMemDC

◆ hOldBitmap

HBITMAP graphics_priv::hOldBitmap

Referenced by create_memory_dc().

◆ hOldPrebuildBitmap

HBITMAP graphics_priv::hOldPrebuildBitmap

◆ hPrebuildBitmap

HBITMAP graphics_priv::hPrebuildBitmap

◆ hPrebuildDC

HDC graphics_priv::hPrebuildDC

◆ hUser32Dll

HANDLE graphics_priv::hUser32Dll

Referenced by bind_late().

◆ im

◆ image

struct graphics_data_image graphics_priv::image

Referenced by get_data().

◆ image_cache_hash

GHashTable* graphics_priv::image_cache_hash

◆ last_refresh_time

time_t graphics_priv::last_refresh_time

◆ layer

CGLayerRef graphics_priv::layer

◆ layer_context

CGContextRef graphics_priv::layer_context

◆ library_init

int graphics_priv::library_init

◆ message

UINT graphics_priv::message

◆ mode

enum draw_mode_num graphics_priv::mode

◆ motion_callback

void(* graphics_priv::motion_callback) (void *data, struct point *p)

Referenced by graphics_android_init().

◆ motion_callback_data

void* graphics_priv::motion_callback_data

◆ mvp_location

GLint graphics_priv::mvp_location

Referenced by draw_mode(), and overlay_new().

◆ nav

◆ NavitGraphics

◆ NavitGraphics_draw_circle

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_draw_circle

◆ NavitGraphics_draw_drag

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_draw_drag

Referenced by draw_drag(), and graphics_android_init().

◆ NavitGraphics_draw_image

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_draw_image

◆ NavitGraphics_draw_image_warp

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_draw_image_warp

◆ NavitGraphics_draw_mode

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_draw_mode

Referenced by draw_mode(), and graphics_android_init().

◆ NavitGraphics_draw_polygon

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_draw_polygon

◆ NavitGraphics_draw_polyline

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_draw_polyline

◆ NavitGraphics_draw_rectangle

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_draw_rectangle

◆ NavitGraphics_draw_text

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_draw_text

Referenced by draw_text(), and graphics_android_init().

◆ NavitGraphics_overlay_disable

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_overlay_disable

◆ NavitGraphics_overlay_resize

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_overlay_resize

◆ NavitGraphics_setBackgroundColor

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_setBackgroundColor

Referenced by graphics_android_new(), and set_attr().

◆ NavitGraphics_SetCamera

jmethodID graphics_priv::NavitGraphics_SetCamera

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and set_attr().

◆ NavitGraphicsClass

jclass graphics_priv::NavitGraphicsClass

◆ next

◆ overlay

int graphics_priv::overlay

◆ overlay_array

struct graphics_priv* graphics_priv::overlay_array[OVERLAY_MAX]

◆ overlay_autodisabled

int graphics_priv::overlay_autodisabled

◆ overlay_disable

int graphics_priv::overlay_disable

◆ overlay_disabled

int graphics_priv::overlay_disabled

Referenced by overlay_disable(), and overlay_draw().

◆ overlay_enable

◆ overlay_enabled

◆ overlay_idx

int graphics_priv::overlay_idx

Referenced by graphics_destroy(), and overlay_new().

◆ overlay_mode

int graphics_priv::overlay_mode

◆ overlay_parent

◆ overlay_texture

GLuint graphics_priv::overlay_texture

◆ overlay_x

int graphics_priv::overlay_x

Referenced by draw_drag(), draw_mode(), and overlay_new().

◆ overlay_y

int graphics_priv::overlay_y

Referenced by draw_drag(), draw_mode(), and overlay_new().

◆ overlays [1/2]

◆ overlays [2/2]

GHashTable* graphics_priv::overlays

◆ p

◆ packageName

jobject graphics_priv::packageName

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and image_new().

◆ padding

◆ Paint

◆ Paint_init

jmethodID graphics_priv::Paint_init

Referenced by graphics_android_init().

◆ Paint_setARGB

jmethodID graphics_priv::Paint_setARGB

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and initPaint().

◆ Paint_setStrokeWidth

jmethodID graphics_priv::Paint_setStrokeWidth

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and initPaint().

◆ PaintClass

jclass graphics_priv::PaintClass

Referenced by graphics_android_init().

◆ painter

◆ parent

◆ pChangeFilterStruct

UINT DWORD void* graphics_priv::pChangeFilterStruct

◆ pclean

struct point p graphics_priv::pclean

Referenced by draw_drag(), and overlay_rect().

◆ pid

int graphics_priv::pid

◆ pixmap

◆ platform

struct graphics_opengl_platform * graphics_priv::platform

Referenced by draw_mode(), and graphics_destroy().

◆ platform_methods

struct graphics_opengl_platform_methods * graphics_priv::platform_methods

Referenced by draw_mode().

◆ position_location

GLint graphics_priv::position_location

Referenced by draw_array(), and overlay_new().

◆ pPixelData

DWORD* graphics_priv::pPixelData

Referenced by create_memory_dc(), and WndProc().

◆ program

GLuint graphics_priv::program

◆ resize_callback

void(* graphics_priv::resize_callback) (void *data, int w, int h)

◆ resize_callback_data

void* graphics_priv::resize_callback_data

◆ resize_callback_initial

int graphics_priv::resize_callback_initial

◆ Resources

jobject graphics_priv::Resources

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and image_new().

◆ Resources_getIdentifier

jmethodID graphics_priv::Resources_getIdentifier

Referenced by graphics_android_init(), and image_new().

◆ ResourcesClass

jclass graphics_priv::ResourcesClass

Referenced by graphics_android_init().

◆ rgba

unsigned char graphics_priv::rgba[4]

Referenced by background_gc(), and qt_qpainter_draw().

◆ root

◆ screen

◆ scroll_x

◆ scroll_y

◆ SetStretchBltMode

FP_SetStretchBltMode graphics_priv::SetStretchBltMode

Referenced by bind_late(), and pngscale().

◆ shm

void* graphics_priv::shm

◆ shm_header

struct shmem_header* graphics_priv::shm_header

◆ shmkey

int graphics_priv::shmkey

◆ shmoffset

int graphics_priv::shmoffset

Referenced by set_attr_do(), and shm_next().

◆ shmsize

int graphics_priv::shmsize

Referenced by set_attr_do(), and shm_next().

◆ show_overlays

int graphics_priv::show_overlays

◆ sockets

GList* graphics_priv::sockets

Referenced by draw_mode(), and set_attr_do().

◆ texture_location

GLint graphics_priv::texture_location

Referenced by overlay_new().

◆ texture_position_location

GLint graphics_priv::texture_position_location

◆ timeout

◆ transparent_color

struct color graphics_priv::transparent_color

Referenced by gc_set_foreground(), and WndProc().

◆ use_count

int graphics_priv::use_count

◆ use_texture_location

GLint graphics_priv::use_texture_location

◆ video_bpp

int graphics_priv::video_bpp

◆ video_flags

uint32_t graphics_priv::video_flags

◆ view

NavitView* graphics_priv::view

◆ visible

int graphics_priv::visible

Referenced by configure(), and expose().

◆ w

◆ widget [1/3]

◆ widget [2/3]

QNavitWidget* graphics_priv::widget

◆ widget [3/3]

RenderArea* graphics_priv::widget

◆ width

◆ win [1/2]

◆ win [2/2]

GtkWidget* graphics_priv::win

◆ win_h

int graphics_priv::win_h

◆ win_w

int graphics_priv::win_w

◆ window

◆ window_system

struct graphics_opengl_window_system* graphics_priv::window_system

◆ window_system_methods

struct graphics_opengl_window_system_methods* graphics_priv::window_system_methods

◆ window_title

◆ wnd_handle

HANDLE graphics_priv::wnd_handle

◆ wnd_parent_handle

HANDLE graphics_priv::wnd_parent_handle

Referenced by CreateGraphicsWindows(), and get_data().

◆ wraparound

int graphics_priv::wraparound

◆ x

◆ y

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