navit  0.5.3-trunk
navigation_command Struct Reference

Holds information about a command for a navigation maneuver. More...

Data Fields

struct navigation_itmitm
struct navigation_commandnext
struct navigation_commandprev
int delta
int roundabout_delta
int length
struct navigation_maneuvermaneuver

Detailed Description

Holds information about a command for a navigation maneuver.

An instance of this structure is generated for each navigation maneuver that is to be announced.

Field Documentation

◆ delta

int navigation_command::delta

bearing change at maneuver

Referenced by command_new(), navigation_analyze_roundabout(), and navigation_map_item_attr_get().

◆ itm

◆ length

int navigation_command::length

if the maneuver is a roundabout, distance between entry and exit (plus penalty), else 0

Referenced by navigation_analyze_roundabout(), navigation_call_callbacks(), navigation_map_item_attr_get(), and show_next_maneuvers().

◆ maneuver

◆ next

◆ prev

struct navigation_command* navigation_command::prev

previous command in the list

Referenced by command_new(), navigation_destroy_itms_cmds(), and show_maneuver().

◆ roundabout_delta

int navigation_command::roundabout_delta

if we are leaving a roundabout, effective bearing change (between entry and exit) with some corrections applied

Referenced by navigation_analyze_roundabout().

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