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navit_vehicle Struct Reference

The vehicle used for navigation. More...

Data Fields

int follow
int follow_curr
struct coord coord
int dir
int speed
struct coord last
struct vehiclevehicle
struct attr callback
int animate_cursor

Detailed Description

The vehicle used for navigation.

Field Documentation

int navit_vehicle::animate_cursor

Referenced by navit_add_vehicle().

struct attr navit_vehicle::callback

Referenced by navit_add_vehicle().

struct coord navit_vehicle::coord

Deprecated : follow counter itself. When it reaches 'update' counts, map is recentered

Referenced by navit_set_center_cursor(), navit_textfile_debug_log(), navit_vehicle_draw(), and navit_vehicle_update_position().

int navit_vehicle::follow_curr
struct coord navit_vehicle::last

Referenced by navit_add_vehicle().

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