navit  0.5.3-trunk
vehicle Struct Reference

Data Fields

NAVIT_OBJECT struct vehicle_methods meth
struct vehicle_privpriv
struct callback_listcbl
struct lognmea_log
struct loggpx_log
char * gpx_desc
struct cursorcursor
int cursor_fixed
struct callbackanimate_callback
struct event_timeoutanimate_timer
struct point cursor_pnt
struct graphicsgra
struct graphics_gcbg
struct transformationtrans
int angle
int speed
int sequence
GHashTable * log_to_cb

Field Documentation

◆ angle

int vehicle::angle

◆ animate_callback

struct callback* vehicle::animate_callback

◆ animate_timer

struct event_timeout* vehicle::animate_timer

◆ bg

struct graphics_gc* vehicle::bg

◆ cbl

◆ cursor

struct cursor* vehicle::cursor

◆ cursor_fixed

int vehicle::cursor_fixed

◆ cursor_pnt

struct point vehicle::cursor_pnt

◆ gpx_desc

char* vehicle::gpx_desc

◆ gpx_log

struct log * vehicle::gpx_log

◆ gra

◆ log_to_cb

GHashTable* vehicle::log_to_cb

◆ meth

◆ nmea_log

struct log* vehicle::nmea_log

◆ priv

◆ sequence

int vehicle::sequence

Referenced by vehicle_draw_do().

◆ speed

int vehicle::speed

◆ trans

struct transformation* vehicle::trans

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