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osd_item Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

struct point p
struct osd_item_methods meth
int flags
int attr_flags
int w
int h
int fg_line_width
int font_size
int osd_configuration
int configured
int rel_w
int rel_h
int rel_x
int rel_y
struct color color_bg color_white text_color
struct navitnavit
struct graphicsgr
struct graphics_gcgraphic_bg
struct graphics_gcgraphic_fg_white
struct graphics_gcgraphic_fg_text
struct graphics_fontfont
char * font_name
struct callbackcb
struct callbackresize_cb
struct callbackreconfig_cb
struct callbackkeypress_cb
int pressed
char * command
struct command_savedenable_cs
char * accesskey

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