navit  0.5.3-trunk
parsedata Struct Reference

#include <gpx2navit_txt.h>

Data Fields

int depth
char * databuf
char * bufptr
int failed
int failedid
XML_Parser parser
FILE * fp

Detailed Description

userdata structure between expat methods

Field Documentation

◆ attr

g2sattr* parsedata::attr

◆ bufptr

char* parsedata::bufptr

character buffer in tags

Referenced by charHandle(), createParsedata(), and endElementControl().

◆ current

parent* parsedata::current

◆ databuf

char* parsedata::databuf

◆ depth

int parsedata::depth

◆ failed

int parsedata::failed

pointer to databuf to add '\0' to databuf

Referenced by createParsedata().

◆ failedid

int parsedata::failedid

xml parse failed flag

Referenced by createParsedata().

◆ fp

FILE* parsedata::fp

pointer to current node

Referenced by createParsedata(), parseMain(), setPath(), and setWpt().

◆ parent

parent* parsedata::parent

xml parser itself

Referenced by closeParsedata(), createParsedata(), endElement(), and startElement().

◆ parser

XML_Parser parsedata::parser

xml parse failed id

Referenced by checkPath(), and createParsedata().

◆ pattr

◆ prop

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