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route_graph_point Struct Reference

A point in the route graph. More...

Data Fields

struct route_graph_pointhash_next
struct route_graph_segmentstart
struct route_graph_segmentend
struct route_graph_segmentseg
struct fibheap_elel
int value
struct coord c
int flags

Detailed Description

A point in the route graph.

This represents a point in the route graph. A point usually connects two or more segments, but there are also points which don't do that (e.g. at the end of a dead-end).

Field Documentation

◆ c

◆ el

struct fibheap_el* route_graph_point::el

When this point is put on a Fibonacci heap, this is a pointer to this point's heap-element

Referenced by route_graph_flood(), and route_graph_reset().

◆ end

struct route_graph_segment* route_graph_point::end

Pointer to a list of segments of which this pointer is the end. The links of this linked-list are in route_graph_segment->end_next.

Referenced by is_turn_allowed(), route_get_traffic_distortion(), route_graph_add_segment(), route_graph_flood(), route_graph_process_restriction_point(), route_graph_process_restriction_segment(), route_path_new(), rp_attr_get(), rp_iterator_end(), and rp_iterator_next().

◆ flags

◆ hash_next

struct route_graph_point* route_graph_point::hash_next

◆ seg

struct route_graph_segment* route_graph_point::seg

Pointer to the segment one should use to reach the destination at least costs

Referenced by route_graph_flood(), route_graph_reset(), route_path_new(), route_value_seg(), and rp_coord_get().

◆ start

◆ value

int route_graph_point::value

The cost at which one can reach the destination from this point on.


indicates that the destination is unreachable from this point, or that this point has not yet been examined.

Referenced by route_graph_flood(), route_graph_point_new(), route_graph_reset(), route_path_new(), and rp_attr_get().

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