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route_graph_segment Struct Reference

A segment in the route graph. More...

Data Fields

struct route_graph_segmentnext
struct route_graph_segmentstart_next
struct route_graph_segmentend_next
struct route_graph_pointstart
struct route_graph_pointend
struct route_segment_data data

Detailed Description

A segment in the route graph.

This is a segment in the route graph. A segment represents a driveable way.

Field Documentation

struct route_graph_segment* route_graph_segment::end_next

Pointer to the next element in the list of segments that end at the same point. Start of this list is in route_graph_point->end.

Referenced by is_turn_allowed(), route_get_traffic_distortion(), route_graph_flood(), route_graph_process_restriction_point(), route_graph_process_restriction_segment(), rp_attr_get(), and rp_iterator_next().

struct route_graph_segment* route_graph_segment::next

Linked-list pointer to a list of all route_graph_segments

Referenced by route_graph_add_segment(), route_graph_free_segments(), and rp_get_item().

struct route_graph_segment* route_graph_segment::start_next

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