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NGQProxySearch Class Reference

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Public Slots

void setPointToResult ()
QString searchXml ()
QString countryName ()
void setCountryName (QString countryName)
QString countryISO2 ()
void setCountryISO2 (QString countryISO2)
QString townName ()
void setTownName (QString townName)
QString streetName ()
void setStreetName (QString streetName)
QString searchContext ()
void setSearchContext (QString searchContext)


void countryNameSignal (QString)
void countryISO2Signal (QString)
void townNameSignal (QString)
void streetNameSignal (QString)

Public Member Functions

 NGQProxySearch (struct gui_priv *this_, QObject *parent)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int getAttrFunc (enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr, struct attr_iter *iter)
virtual int setAttrFunc (struct attr *attr)


QString countryName
QString countryISO2
QString townName
QString streetName
QString searchContext

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