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org::navitproject::navit::NavitGraphics Class Reference

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class  NavitView

Public Types

enum  msg_type {

Public Member Functions

void SetCamera (int use_camera)
 NavitGraphics (final Activity activity, NavitGraphics parent, int x, int y, int w, int h, int alpha, int wraparound, int use_camera)
native void SizeChangedCallback (int id, int x, int y)
native void KeypressCallback (int id, String s)
native int CallbackMessageChannel (int i, String s)
native void ButtonCallback (int id, int pressed, int button, int x, int y)
native void MotionCallback (int id, int x, int y)
native String GetDefaultCountry (int id, String s)
void setSizeChangedCallback (int id)
void setButtonCallback (int id)
void setMotionCallback (int id)
void setKeypressCallback (int id)
void fillStringArray (String s)
native void CallbackSearchResultList (int partial_match, String country, String s)

Static Public Member Functions

static native String[][] GetAllCountries ()
static String getLocalizedString (String text)
static native String CallbackLocalizedString (String s)

Public Attributes

Handler callback_handler

Static Public Attributes

static Boolean in_map = false
static msg_type[] msg_values = msg_type.values()

Protected Member Functions

void draw_polyline (Paint paint, int c[])
void draw_polygon (Paint paint, int c[])
void draw_rectangle (Paint paint, int x, int y, int w, int h)
void draw_circle (Paint paint, int x, int y, int r)
void draw_text (Paint paint, int x, int y, String text, int size, int dx, int dy)
void draw_image (Paint paint, int x, int y, Bitmap bitmap)
void draw_mode (int mode)
void draw_drag (int x, int y)
void overlay_disable (int disable)
void overlay_resize (int x, int y, int w, int h, int alpha, int wraparond)

Package Attributes

int bitmap_w
int bitmap_h
int pos_x
int pos_y
int pos_wraparound
int overlay_disabled
float trackball_x
float trackball_y
View view
RelativeLayout relativelayout
NavitCamera camera
Activity activity
int ButtonCallbackID
int MotionCallbackID
int KeypressCallbackID

Member Function Documentation

static native String org::navitproject::navit::NavitGraphics::CallbackLocalizedString ( String  s) [static]

get localized string

void org::navitproject::navit::NavitGraphics::fillStringArray ( String  s) [inline]

start a search on the map

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